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Coconut Grove, Florida. (WSVN)–Plastic debris from dozens of pop-up party balloons carelessly ended up as litter in Biscayne Bay, and a mobile video of poor behavior has caused an outcry online.

The footage captured people on a yacht near the Bayshore Landing dock as they pop party balloons and improperly dispose of decor off Coconut Grove, around 4:15 p.m. Tuesday.

“I must love the Miami charter boats,” Esteban Bruna of the Miami Maritime Group said as he recorded the popping of balloons. “Let’s have a party, blow up every balloon on the bow of the boat and go right into the water.”

About 200 balloons were attached to the 58-foot-long ship.

After an event, a charter party, crew members on the plane began blasting balloons with knives instead of disposing them properly, causing debris to fall into Biscayne Bay.

Those who witnessed the act and worked on the water took exception and registered the incident to post on social media.

“I was upset. I told them, ‘That’s ridiculous.’ I don’t think it’s right,” Bruna said. “I tried to talk to them as best I could, and they basically ignored me and they blew me up, so I went ahead and posted it, letting people do what people do.”

Bruna spoke to 7News about environmental risks.

“Don’t pop your balloons outside. Take the highway, take it inside, get in and throw it away like normal, civilized humans. You know, it’s our ocean, and we have to protect it.”

After Bruna shared the video on social media, outrage was quick.

“I remember checking my phone probably an hour after I posted it and saying, ‘Stop, this is exploding.’ Watching videos online, manatees eating balloons, sea turtles eating balloons, fish eating balloons,” he said. “I myself am an avid fisherman, and I have already cut certain kinds of mahi mahi off the shore etc., when we go fishing, and they bring with them bits of plastic, bottle caps, and even little tips of balloons also in their stomachs.”

“It’s really frustrating to see someone with this kind of ignorance,” said JP Ortega of Charters Eco Tours.

Ortega rents an eco-tour outside the marina and has also videotaped the balloons before they were blown up.

“We thought they would unintentionally end up in the bay. We never thought that after two hours, they were going to pop balloons on the water,” Ortega said.

“We pull trash out of the bay all the time, and here we have people who are deliberately popping balloons and tossing them in the water, which infuriated us,” David Forer said.

Fourer did not see the balloons explode, but he did pick up some debris that he saw floating in the water.

“The most shocking part,” he said, “is that the day before that happened, I was coming out of the canal, and I saw a huge sea turtle in front of this boat where these balloons were popping.” “We see an incredible amount of wildlife here. We saw manatees, sea turtles, even sharks, so we were shocked to see them pop balloons in the bay.”

“There are a lot of wild animals here, and [plastic debris] “It takes thousands of years for it to disappear,” Ortega said. “They don’t even disappear. They become little bits.”

It is illegal to throw balloons into the ocean.

Several members of law enforcement were tagged in the original social media post, including the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission and other members of the boating/yachting communities.

Law enforcement was investigating and thanked the community for bringing it to their attention.

The Miami Police Department tweeted the following statement about the incident, Tuesday noon.

Officers from the Miami-Dade Police Unlawful Dumping Unit arrived at the dock on Wednesday to investigate.
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