Peugeot Boxer: an “exceptional” version for the mobile home!

The French architecture firm “Atelier JMCA” has converted the Peugeot Boxer truck into a mobile home, providing, among other things, a very comfortable workspace.

The interior of the car was transformed with sheets of birch plywood 15 cm thick. The furnished space includes a desk that serves as a workspace, a foldable kitchen table and a sofa bed. Behind the bed is the wardrobe consisting of vertical shelves with elastic bands to hold things in place. Additional storage space is located in the back, accessible via the rear doors. All in a central 3 x 2 meter space that evolves throughout the day according to the needs of each moment.

Ahead, just behind the benches, is the kitchen and bathroom. The architects performed a 3D scan of the vehicle to create an accurate CAD drawing of the body and make use of every available space. The car has autonomy thanks to two 330W solar panels placed on the roof of the car, as well as two water tanks with a capacity of 80 liters for fresh water and waste water.

In addition, the Bedouin office has thermal insulation and a heating system, which allows it to be used at any time of the year. According to the design studio, the truck also provides good insulation thanks to a thin layer of cork and panels made of hemp, linen, cotton and wool.

Atelier JMCA did not provide details on the cost of converting this mobile home. However, for those who are looking for inspiration for their next mobile office, the Bedouin desk will do just fine.

It should be noted that the JMCA workshop is a multidisciplinary creation studio set up by Angélique Maillard and Julien Cottier in 2011. The agency develops and experiments with space issues at different levels. From architecture, design and scenography.

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