Plans for May Bank Holiday

There is no better time to bond with family or spouses like the holidays. It’s a time away from busy work and school-related schedules. Holidays improve family relationships through better communication and creating memories that will be treasured for a while. Here is a list of fun activities try out this Early May Bank Holiday.

Visit the beach

This can be a romantic spot for couples and a fun space for kids as well. The UK has a number of remarkable beaches you can visit. Hotels, restaurants, and leisure amenities serve these beaches. For parents, a day by the sea would present loads of classic activities with the kids. From building sand castles, beach bowling or flying kites.

As for couples camping out under the stars or horseback riding on the beach would create precious memories. Beaches to visit in the UK include Bournemouth Beach a south coast favourite, Fistral beach perfect for surfing or the scenic Weymouth beach.

Go for a picnic

On a bright and warm day, this is the ideal outdoor activity as family. Picnics are inexpensive and fun. In addition, there are so many locations to choose when it comes to picnicking. A simple blanket by the seaside, meadow or in your neighborhood park is enough to create great memories.

Alternatively, go big and opt for a themed picnic by the beach or fields. Invest in nice pillows and colored fabrics for a beautiful setting. For the ideal picnic, make sure you plan ahead and pack all the essentials. Of course don’t forget to pack your favorite meals and drinks.

Staying at home and relaxing

While having lots of activities to do over the holiday is great, sometimes even relaxing is okay. You can choose to drop all your plans and stay at home the whole day. This is actually a great way to unwind after weeks of endless work schedules. Dress in your comfy and stylish loungewear and just take a minute to be free.

While at it, there are several activities to do such a yoga, catching up with the latest series, or listening to that playlist you had forgotten about. If you have had long and sleepless days, this might be the perfect time to shower and take a long nap.

Reading and playing online games

There is a lot to gain from reading apart from it being a hobby for many. Reading improves one’s vocabulary, help you think critically and alleviate depression. That’s why this is among the best ways to kill time on an Early May Bank Holiday. As a parent, you can also read to your kids and help them develop it as a habit.

Choose a nice and comfortable space and finally get to catch up with the latest novel. Apart from reading, online games are also a perfect way of entertaining yourself over the holiday. Casino games are ideal for anyone above the age of 18 years. Explore the latest titles from and find a game that will keep you entertained for the afternoon.

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