qRD policy prohibits camping in certain parks

qRD does not want to stay overnight in Klah Ah Men Lund Gazebo Provincial Park or other regional parks in the same category

Following a request by a married couple who wanted to camp in a provincial park for daily use, the entire Qathit Regional (qRD) Committee recommends that camping not be permitted.

At the May 12 committee meeting, the Directors received a task force report created based on a request made in the April 14 committee for the entire meeting, asking the Regional Council to grant an exception to the regulation, and to allow overnight camping at Klah Ah Men Lund Gazebo Provincial Park . According to the staff report, the couple had a private use permit for the park in June for a wedding, and a liquor license for that event. The couple requested that wedding guests be able to camp in the garden overnight after the ceremony.

District Administrator Patrick Brabzon said the task force’s report on this issue and policy is crystal clear.

“I want to receive this report and inform applicants that the policy will not allow camping in that park,” Prabazon said.

Committee Chair and District D Director, Sandy McCormick, said the task force’s report contains three specific options. Brabzon said he recommends option one, which states that the regional council recommends employees not to amend park regulations. The option states that employees will continue with the current practice of issuing special event passes for events and event participants are not entitled to stay overnight.

The report stated that approximately 50 permits are issued for special events each year, mostly in the regional parks of Palm Beach, Craig and Lund Gazebo, and range from school beach days to small birthday parties, weddings and music festivals.

With the option supported by Brabazon, a proposed motion was that: that the committee recommend to immediate board members to continue current practices associated with special event permits and overnight camping in regional parks, and that the board send correspondence to Rita Dobman and Elijah Samutin, the applicants, informed that due to security issues and potential impacts on private property, the authority to camp in the gazebo garden was denied.

District E Administrator Andrew Fall said it’s his heart to help people, but when going into the details of what that means, it’s a challenge.

“Requesting our Director of Operational Services to do more work to consider other options at this time, given the challenges we face, is inconsequential,” Val said. “I support moving forward with the recommendation.”

The committee voted in favor of Brabzon’s proposal.

The staff report noted a lack of regular staff supervising the daily use gardens. Campgrounds in Haywire Bay and Shelter Point have caregivers who regularly patrol the campgrounds, handling noise complaints and ensuring parties or gatherings are dispersed before it’s too late.

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