REI Co-Op 2022 Membership Review: Why You Should Join

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  • REI relaunched its co-op membership program in March 2022 with even more benefits for subscribers.
  • It now costs $30 for a lifetime membership but offers perks like no minimum free shipping and exclusive deals.
  • Other new features include shopping and trading in used equipment and early access to exclusive REI products.

Editor’s note: REI currently manages its annual annual sales Through 5/30 that offers discounts of up to 30% on outdoor gear, plus discounts exclusive to REI members.

Signing up for a REI membership program has its perks, even if you don’t consider yourself a passionate outdoorsy person. For a one-time fixed fee, members get benefits like 10% back on purchases via annual dividends and members-only deal offers, among a slew of other benefits.

And while that model gave REI one of the best incentive-packed membership programs for shoppers, the outdoor retailer decided to give its loyal followers even more for their money. Effective March 2022, REI Co-op membership now includes these new member benefits:

  • Free Standard Shipping: No minimum purchase required (purchases over $50 used to be eligible for free shipping)
  • Access to the member group: Early access to limited edition editions and curated products from REI
  • Donate to REI Cooperative Fund: REI will donate $5 to the REI Cooperative Action Fund for each new member
  • Extended Store Service Discounts: Members receive up to 20% off bike shop and snow shop services, plus free machine wax and flat tire repair.
  • Replay/Access Display: All members can shop and trade in used equipment, both in-store and online

REI also updated the cost of membership, raising the fee from $20 to $30. Despite the $10 increase, REI Co-op membership is still a lifetime program, so members only need to pay once to enjoy its full benefits forever.

While many of the paid retail memberships rightly inspire some skeptical thinking, this one offers incredible value. Not only does REI offer a wide selection of all things outdoors, but they have a strong sense of community and excellent customer service (plus an excellent no-questions-asked return policy). Plus, if you lose your receipt, your membership keeps a record of everything you’ve purchased, for a seamless process.

If you’re still not sure if the benefits are worth the $30 up front, we’ve put together a closer look at some of the best REI Co-op membership perks below.

Here’s what makes REI co-op membership so great

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