REI Co-op Membership Is Upgrading: Here’s What You Need To Know

REI Co-op is renewing its membership program to provide its members with more. We went straight to the source for all the details.

REI Co-op membership is undergoing an overhaul Adding new features, exclusive equipment, and more. We spoke with Vivienne Long, REI’s Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, to find out what’s behind the collaborative changes. “We are always thinking of adding value to our members, and we are very excited about this change,” she said.

For years, REI Co-op members have enjoyed rewards and coupons, which will last. New perks include free shipping, greater discounts on in-house services, a renewed focus on used equipment, and more member-exclusive products.

“The biggest reason is that we want to expand membership to allow us to achieve our mission, which is to connect everyone to the power of the outdoors,” Long said.

“Expanding our membership for Collaboration allows everyone to connect with the power of the outdoors just as we have done throughout our 84 years of history. We believe that with more people being outdoors, there will be more advocates who want to protect natural spaces over the next 80 years and beyond.”

Discover REI Co-op . Membership

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Membership changes begin March 2. Existing members do not need to do anything to enjoy the additional benefits. REI hopes the changes will interest more people in a lifetime membership for $30, a portion of which goes to the community-supported public charity.

Interim benefits

Members will continue to receive an annual return through REI Co-op Member Bonuses. This typically represents 10% of eligible purchases made in the previous year. REI will continue to mail discount coupons and other discount offers to members throughout the year.

Additionally, members will continue to save on equipment rentals, and various REI experiences (layersAnd Today’s ToursAnd Adventure Travel Packages), and more.

New REI Membership Benefits

  • A one-time donation to the REI Cooperative Action Fund for new members
  • Members only access to Re/Supply used equipment online and in store
  • Free Standard Shipping for online orders, no minimums
  • Access to the member group: clothing and gear for members only
  • Discount on member store services doubled to 20%

Building more inclusive outdoor spaces

For every new membership, REI will donate $5 to REI Cooperative Action Fund. Long explained that it is a community fund created to allow employees, members and the community to support outdoor equality and outdoor sustainability.

The Cooperative Action Fund financially supports organizations working to develop outside culture, from local grassroots groups to national nonprofits to research universities. According to its website, the fund prioritizes “organizations that make use of the outdoors as a tool for equality, healing, joy, social justice, civic action, youth development or creativity.”

REI’s Cooperative Action Fund complements investments in the broader cooperative community. REI reported that it invested $6.3 million in more than 460 nonprofit partners across the country in 2020. The co-op’s 2021 donations will be shared next month in its annual stewardship report.

REI Membership Rewards Lifestyle

REI gear used is now “re/supply”

REI is rebranding software used hardware Re-supply.

In the past, REI Garage Sales have set up seasonal shopping events, where buyers camp outside for hours at some locations to get early access to used items.

Now, these sales will be part of a used gear return/supply program that can be accessed year-round online and in-store for members. Additional trades will receive gift cards to be used on a return/supply, on new clothing and equipment, or on REI Trials.

“It’s the perfect example of a target on profit,” Long said. “And an opportunity to engage in member engagement as well as sustainability and accessibility.”

Long said a renewed focus on re-supply should increase the number of resold and acceptable quality items in its stores. The intent of “re-trade” is to divert more equipment from landfills and to offer a lower price to new and existing participants in outdoor activities.

member group

Longtime customer feedback indicated that members loved the exclusive and early access — new gear or limited-edition collaborations.

“We’re expanding the member pool so we can make more products available only to members with early access, exclusive collaboration, and only members available,” she said.

Per month , member group It will launch new equipment and products that are exclusive to members.

In the past, REI has collaborated with artists on exclusive designs, brands with REI-specific color schemes, as well as larger collaborations such as the West Elm outdoor patio collection.

Additional changes

The REI Store member services discount has been hiked up to 20%, and skate and bike stores continue to offer free maintenance services like free board and skate waxing or bike tube repair. The brand’s goal is to keep gear in good condition so it lasts longer.

Online orders no longer need to meet the $50 limit for free standard shipping. Some exceptions for larger items still stand, but the idea here is to not have to wait to fill up your cart to order the gear you want now.

REI has an ambitious goal of increasing its 21 million lifetime members to 50 million by 2030.

“The relaunch of membership is just the beginning of a new chapter in a cooperative for which community participation is at its core,” Long said. “We’re excited to welcome an additional 30 million members representing all different types of people who want to get outdoors.”

Discover REI Co-op . Membership

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