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This weekend marks 15 years since Gavin & Stacey debuted, which means that theories about what happened on a particular fishing trip have been living in our heads without rent for nearly as long. Now you might think that actor Robert Welfort, who plays Jason on the popular sitcom, is tired of being asked questions about the fateful stay, but the truth is quite the opposite.

“I’m quite ready to put it on my tombstone: ‘What happened on the hunting expedition?'” , in an interview with as the show approaches its important anniversary.I honestly don’t mind people asking me this question and I always have to give them the same answer: “I can’t tell you because Uncle Brian will never forgive me.”

What began as a minor plot point in episode five of Gavin & Stacey exploded into a plot of epic proportions, as writers Ruth Jones and James Corden drop increasingly nonsensical hints across the show’s three seasons and two specials. The lasting fascination with the hunting trip among fans came as a complete surprise to Wilfort, who now admits she “selected this role for me,” feeling the weight of mystery on set.

“Sometimes when we were filming, me and rob [Brydon] He explained that we were in a different chain than everyone else. ‘Because the general feeling of the show is that kind of warmth and happiness between families most of the time – and I think that’s why people like the show so much – but our scenes are going to be really serious and intense. Although it’s a funny topic you still have to play it live truly. “

As for what exactly happened between Uncle Bryn and Jason, Wilfort swears he’s in the dark just like the rest of us, but Jones and Corden have a specific idea in mind rather than leading viewers on a wild goose chase. However, fans should not hold their breath for answers, even if the show returns.

“It’s a mystery and I love that we’ll never find out. Or do we? Who knows? Maybe one day. But as far as I know, I don’t think the audience will ever know what happened on that fateful journey.” “I think it’s more fun to sow so many wild seeds in people’s imaginations and [let them] Try to find out what they think happened on earth.”

The Gavin and Stacey crew (BBC)

Gavin & Stacey’s cast came together very quickly, with many characters written specifically for particular actors—including Bryn (Brydon), Pam (Alison Steadman), and Dawn (Julia Davis)—while the cast wasted no time in shutting down Matthew Horn and Joanna. Page in title roles. Wilfort also had to audition and feels he would not have had a “chance” had it not been for his current friendship with Corden, due to his lack of family resemblance to his on-screen sister.

“I’m about a foot taller than Joe Page and darker[-haired], while she is young and blonde,” he said. So I guess I probably wouldn’t have had a foot in the door if it wasn’t for James, so I’m forever grateful to [him] to my realization. Another bonus card I have in my pocket is that I went to youth theater and drama school with Joe, so I was a good friend of hers. So I was able to get them some ideas in the audition a little bit and say “We got that link, we’re like brother and sister already!” I was putting it on a bit thick.”

Wilfort had no doubts that the show would be great based on the scripts and the cast, but he honestly didn’t expect to be questioned about it more than a decade later. Likewise, the local influence impresses, as Gavin & Stacey’s legacy is still strongly felt during a recent leisurely visit to a particular beachside resort in South Wales.

“If someone said to me, [15 years ago] There will be tours to Bari to see the sites, I would have said “No, stop it!” But here we are. We all thought we were doing something really good, but really good things come and go. I’ve been involved in a lot of things that have been really cool, but I haven’t captured the imagination the way Gavin and Stacey did.”

Gavin and Stacy

Gavin and Stacy Brit Box

He continued, “It’s amazing what has been done for the city. So amazing. We went to see [West family] house and we bumped into someone who came all the way from the other side of the country just to see him. I love doing it and hope to see more Welsh content on national screens, not just on BBC Wales.”

Of course, the question on every fan’s lips is whether there might be another chapter of Gavin & Stacey, after the special 2019 reunion that drew 18.5 million viewers and ended on a stunning spectacle. Joanna Page, Larry Lamb, and Melanie Walters are among the cast members expressing interest in a comeback, with Wilfort singing from the same hymn sheet. However, he maintains that the decision rests solely with the creators – and he’ll be happy to accept their judgment, whatever it may be.

He added, “I’d like to do another job. If you asked any member of the cast, I think we’d all love to come back and do more.” “But if Ruth and James feel that this is a great ending for them, I would totally agree with it. I think it’s a fun ending… It’s great to let people want more, but I think if everyone was available I’m sure we’d go back and do one more. I will definitely anyway, I would be very happy to do another one or as much as they want.”

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