Robin Williams Shared Father’s Advice During Oscars

Robin Williams Shared Father’s Advice During Oscars

For many years, Robin Williams was easily among the most beloved stars of his generation. The actor shifted from comedy to drama and adult-oriented to family-friendly with ease. So it’s no wonder his legacy continues on years after his death. Even some of his most popular works — such as 1995’s Jumanji — have re-entered the cultural zeitgeist in the past few years. And when he won his Academy Award in 1998, Williams’ acceptance speech was just as heartfelt and memorable as fans might expect, particularly when the actor thanked his late father.

Robin Williams holds up his Oscar and gives a thumbs-up

Robin Williams | TIMOTHY A. CLARY/AFP

Robin Williams was already an acclaimed dramatic actor

All throughout the 1997-1998 Oscar season, Williams seemed like he could be heading toward his first Academy Award win. While he didn’t win the Golden Globe Award that year, Williams was a mainstay in critics’ picks and did take home the Screen Actors Guild Award for his work in Good Will Hunting. But until he was triumphantly grasping his Oscar onstage, the race could have taken many different turns.

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