Robson Ranch Rambler – May 2022 – Cross Timbers | Southern Denton County | flower pile

As I write this on April 20, wind gusts should be around 20 mph today. I’m sure Robson Ranch golfers and horseshoe players lament, “When will this wind stop!” It could be worse. My family and friends in Ohio have fresh snow on their lawn furniture.

The wind symbolizes the introduction of the new and the sweeping of the old. I am happy to say that here at Robson Ranch, our new normal in the emerging post-pandemic world includes much of our world before March 15, 2020.

What has changed? We may still wash our hands every time we enter the house or kitchen. When we sniff, we’ll stay home. Honestly, many of us will add “Vax or No Vax” to our list of topics to avoid at dinner parties.

We moved to Robson Ranch to make new friends and enjoy an active adult lifestyle. Fortunately, we’re back in the groove. Our new friends who moved here during the pandemic are experiencing it fully for the first time! The grill is full on Thursday nights. Our banquet business is booming. Limiting service and driving by events are still options, but not mandates.

Annual events are up and running. The annual Robson Olympics will take place on Saturday, September 24th. Early registration will begin in May for a variety of sporting events from free throw basketball to water volleyball, to name a few. We can queue up responsibly to dispose of items at Robson Ranch HOA Shredding, Drug Take Back and Electronic Recycling on Saturday, June 4. Clubhouse events offer a variety of on-site entertainment. We can rock cover bands and honor bands over the next few months. Our Robson Ranch Drama Club will perform two plays on Sunday, May 22nd.

As always, residents of Robson Ranch continue to look for ways to give back. Through the actions of individual residents, clubs, walks, and benefits, we help local charities including the Denton Community Food Center, Family Friends of Denton County, the Denton Animal Shelter, and national organizations such as the Alzheimer’s Association and the Parkinson’s Foundation.

A shout out to one of the many talented Robson Ranch residents, Francesca Romano, who will be presenting her large paintings at Denton’s Great Arts Council Festival Hall from now through July.

During COVID restrictions, many single ladies gathered to play 9 hole golf for fun. Today, group golf is known as Silver T Scramble and is an official single group activity with the participation of 42 singles men and women. At Robson Ranch, we are blessed with the time to create our own fun.

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