Rudolph Papiri designed a tiny car in Binghamton in 1947

The world is always looking for the better mousetrap — or, in this instance, a different, if not better, automobile. In today’s world, with gasoline prices on the rise, we look to more fuel-efficient cars to get us from place to place.

My first car was a 1966 Pontiac Lemans with a 250-horsepower engine. It was a used, rusty green car that got only about 14 miles to the gallon. Of course, gas prices were about 39 cents per gallon when I was 16 and eager to learn how to drive. Times have changed over the decades.

While we have plenty of gas available in today’s society, the world is moving toward electric cars that will take us to a new generation of transportation. It has been that way since the invention of the internal combustion engine. There have been those individuals who see the possibility of a better way of moving from place to place.

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