Runs by Denny Ray Pond Wiser, who takes control of the geese

Denny Ray is the owner and president of Pond Wiser Inc. in the Northern Canton. Originally from Carrollton, he and his wife Kathy live in North Canton.

Al Rayes, who have two older children, do not own pets, but live with two working dogs that Vic and Bill use to control the goose at work. There are also two office cats named Lily and Pad.

Ray graduated from Carrollton High School and then from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. Today, he uses his technical training and talents to design ponds. The business began in 1989 under the name Ponds Unlimited.

“We changed our name to Pond Wiser Inc. in 2002 to reflect added business services such as geese control and then merged in 2007,” Ray said. “This is our 33 season in total.”

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