Sept à Huit viewers are furious at a camp site that offers the influencer and her family accommodation in a luxury mobile home for 3,500 euros a week while people who work all year can’t afford the holidays

“Sept à Huit” followed the life of Camping Le Vieux Port in Landes on Sunday 10 July. One considered the largest camping site in France is run by the Lafitte family. Over the past two years, I have invested €3 million in new premium pitches in this campground near the beach. This year, I decided to announce it. How ? “Creates a camp site by recruiting influencers,” outlines the voiceover for “Sept à Huit.” He is precisely one of those influencers who make up a team TF1 We will meet. Her name is Julie and she will be spending a week with five members of her family, all expenses paid. Jolie is 35 years old, single with children and has nearly 100,000 followers on Instagram. She tells her life there and it is a hit. “In this luxurious double caravan, Jolie was supposed to pay 3,500 euros a week,” we learned in “Sept à Huit.” So you will pay nothing on condition that she shares some content on her Instagram account: “She will make videos that praise the benefits of camping.”

The first video posted to Story shows her in her jacuzzi with her daughter and cousin: “The jacuzzi is 37 degrees all the time and you should know that in the evening you have lights inside and that, frankly, is a huge relief. You can have an aperitif, or a book, or Chill… In short, we’re not so bad!” The video was posted with a mention of mandatory camping. Jolie explains, “We asked her to make videos and places to watch…There is a start contract but no obligation to say anything. They let me show me real life and our family vacation.” But can she say if she doesn’t like it? “Oh yeah, I’ve always been very straightforward, I’ve always said what might please me, and what might not please me,” she replied. Some people might think we’d just say good things to promote things positively but I’m not. Well, the problem is that the voiceover for Sept à Huit” reveals the secrets of filming and confirms that Jolie indicated from the camera that she assured members of the Lafitte family, the owner of the camp site, that she would not say no problem. Jolie does not have an exact number of videos to make, but she has to go to the spa because Le Vieux Port It is one of the only places in the area that has one.So it should be highlighted.

Seeing this influencer Jolie not pay for her weekend to promote camping angered viewers of “Sept à Huit”. They regret this 3,500 euro gift when people who work all year round can’t afford vacation rentals, even at much lower prices. They also find it unfortunate that she does not say the bad or inferior points of the camp site when she claims to be able to do so in front of the camera.

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