Silent art auction raises money to ‘help the herd’ – Orange County Register

Anyone looking to bring in horse art displays in a variety of media—oil, watercolor, pastel, you name it—has been in luck if they venture into the equestrian center on July 14 for a silent auction of artwork.

More than 20 pictures of horses were shown in various places, but there were also other subjects – flowers, landscapes, abstracts, even a charming nude photo and a pizza board.

The Art Society and Equestrian Center, with the help of the Saddle Club, have collaborated in the silent art auction for Help the Herd 2, a campaign to raise funds to care for, feed and love the center’s horses.

Auction attendees included artists, horse owners, and anyone wanting to join in the fun, listen to music, and enjoy a real away from a buffet at a packed “herding table,” all for a $20 entry fee, which went straight to the horses.

Artists donated their works, 49 of which were auctioned, and 21 sold out at the end of the evening.

The gathering was supervised by Laura Koparovias, Senior Superintendent of the Equestrian Center, a task made easier by her passion for horses and event planning.

“For me, it’s about taking the care and life of our horses up,” said Koparovias, a horse lover since the age of four.

She is also an artist, although she is not currently active, so communication with the Art Society came as a natural. “I love incorporating the arts into events,” she said.

The artworks ranged from highly professional to charming folk art. A member of the Art Society, Marie Tse, brought the image of a wooden horse to the latter’s mind.

Jim Gibson had three pictures of horses on display. “Horse with Native Americans” symbolizes its roots in the Old West, near Dodge City, Kansas, and no less.

My grandfather was a cowboy. “He’s never driven a car in his life,” Gibson said. “Well, I’ve never ridden a horse.”

Nancy Albrecht, Committee member of the Art Society and Aiding the Herd 2, a prolific painter and dedicated knight, showed off her pastel incarnation of Caesar, a magnificent horse belonging to Coparovias. (Albrecht later gifted the painting to Coparoviaz.) Albrecht’s horse, Monica Lou, 24, lives in a comfortable stall at an equestrian center, after being transported cross-country from Silver Spring, Maryland.

Now about that pizza plate.

Created by Bonnie Fox titled “Momma Mia Pizza Pie”. Fox also had segments titled “Happy Burger” and “Club Laguna Sandwich.”

She said Fox’s passion for food painting comes from her culinary experience.

“I am fascinated by combining my training as an artist with my education as a chef,” Fox said. “My technician has whimsical interpretations of food, plant life and the environment. I love being creative.”

Lynne Morris devoured a pizza plate as a gift to her ex-tongue Rich.

“We’ve been running a pizzeria for 20 years together,” she said.

Koparovias said the silent auction collected a total of $2,105 in entry fees and art sales revenue.

This is a little extra niblet for horses.

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