Sniper Elite 5 Trophy Wants You To Shoot Hitler in the Family Jewels

Sniper Elite 5’s day-one DLC will feature Hitler as a target, and a special trophy can be earned by shooting the reviled figure between his legs.

A Sniper Elite 5 trophy gives players the extraordinary task of assassinating Adolf Hitler by shooting him between the legs. Rebellion Developments’ tactical shooter series puts players in the boots of World War II sniper Karl Fairburne as he strikes at enemy soldiers from a distance. Sniper Elite 5 will launch in 2022 and take gamers to a recreation of 1994 France as Fairburne fights to stop a secret Axis operation.

While technically a third-person shooter series, Sniper Elite places emphasis on stealth and tactical movement rather than fast-paced gunplay. The series gives players access to period-accurate weaponry like grenades and sidearms, but Fairburne’s sniper rifle is always the primary tool in the player’s arsenal. Sniper Elite V2 introduced the franchise’s extremely popular X-Ray Kill Cam, which follows a sniper bullet through the air and into the target to demonstrate realistic bodily damage. This makes every shot an exciting affair and serves as an intense payoff to a slow and stealthy approach into enemy territory. A Sniper Elite 5 preview suggests that the next installment will continue to innovate by adding new mechanics like cooperative multiplayer and pre-mission loadout customization.

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As reported by Push Squarea Sniper Elite 5 The trophy asks players to specifically kill Adolf Hitler by shooting him in the family jewels. A piece of day-one downloadable content, titled Wolf Mountain, will challenge players with hunting down and killing the leader of the Third Reich while avoiding his powerful personal guard. While headshotting the historical monster will suffice, earning the “Das Familienjuwel” trophy requires players to plant their bullet a bit further south. This method of assassinating Hitler, which possibly references a popular British novelty song, is a fitting way for the Fuhrer to meet his end.

Sniper Elite 5 DLC lets players kill Hitler

As the most reviled figure in world history, Adolf Hitler has appeared as a villain in many World War II-based video games. Wolfenstein: Youngblood references Hitler, for example, with the fanatic Fuhrer playing a key role in the backstory of the entire first-person shooter franchise. 2017’s Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus even puts players face-to-face with the despicable dictator in a scene that outwardly mocks Hitler as weak, depraved and pitiful. Like Sniper Elite 5 the game lets players cathartically kill Hitler by repeatedly stomping on his head, though doing so will lead to the player’s immediate death.

Adolf Hitler is universally despised by the modern world, and Sniper Elite 5 will let players personally eliminate the Nazi leader. The series’ open-ended nature will let players assassinate the pathetic figure in any number of creative ways, but aiming between his legs will reward gamers with a special trophy. If players sneak onto Wolf Mountain without ever making a ruckus, Adolf Hitler and his family jewels will never even see it coming.

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Sniper Elite 5 will launch on May 26, 2022 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC.

Source: Push Square

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