Something ugly, something delicious

To most anglers, an oyster toadfish is one of the ugliest and most annoying bait stealers they can see dangling at the end of the line. Until I met Jeseph Kaynor, nothing could dispel the old adage that says a toadfish must only be pretty to another toadfish. While I have heard a few other anglers say they are tasty on the table, Kaynor is the first one I have met who actually enjoys catching them because he likes to eat them.

I was fishing at one of the Masonboro Inlet jetties when I landed a toadfish. Jeseph was fishing with his five-year-old son, Baylen, in their 16-foot aluminum johnboat within shouting distance. Jeseph saw me unhooking a toadfish and hollered, asking me to keep the fish and not toss it back. So, before leaving the area to fish another spot, I gave him the fish and took down his telephone number to see if he would provide some perspective on toadfish as well as his recipe.

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