Sonic The Hedgehog: Top 10 Game Power-Ups

Final movie finale Sonic the Hedgehog 2 It has to be seen to be believed, as Sonic finally used one of his famous super forms of the game. After the first movie, it’s good to see video game movies bring in more games. And super shapes aren’t the only thing Sonic the Hedgehog has at his disposal either.

Power-ups are often seen as something that Sonic’s rival, Super Mario, does. Sonic has a lot of his power-ups. Like Mario’s power-ups, these are temporary but tend to be more useful as her protection My voice’Quick play. Whether modern or classic, these are important parts of the Sonic collection.

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Classic Sonic skateboard tricks in Sonic Generations.

Sonic is often seen with snowboards and other extreme sports equipment. Sonic 2 It even includes an Easter egg for ice skating in the movie. But skateboarding was rare for blue camouflage, although S.Jill Unics features a one-level board at one of the game’s memorable moments.

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Classic Sonic can get a level skateboard based on City Escape. Origin from Sonic Adventure 2 It featured a makeshift skateboard, but a traditional skateboard works just fine. Skateboard maintains Classic Sonic motion consistency. It also allows for satisfying grinds and tricks that help break the level from the rest of the game.

flame shield

Classic Sonic uses the Sonic Forces' fire shield.

sonic the hedgehogClassic incarnations had power-ups, but they usually came in the form of armor. The shield was rather basic despite being a dull blue protecting Sonic for one hit. sonic 3 and knuckles Variety with racial shields. One of the three shields she provided was the Explosive Flame Armor.

The shield fully protects Sonic from fire damage. This not only includes jets of flame, but also allows him to walk on lava. Some projectiles are considered fiery, so they may negate more than one attack. The shield’s most important use is that it gives characters like Sonic access to a fireball attack called the Fireball Spin Dash.

Ring time

Ring Time in Sonic Generations is activated with Sonic Jump icons.

sonic generations A lot of strengths appeared that would never appear again. Although this, in particular, will continue to appear in the mobile game sonic jump and its supplement. It’s easy to see why. Ring Time is a very useful item that deserves more attention.

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Ring Time has a simple function. Transforms all enemies on screen into collectible Sonic key rings. This is very useful because Rings also make up a healthy Sonic pool and there are a lot of areas where Rings are scarce. This ability allows Sonic to pull off a true reversal of wealth and turn his enemies into healthy items.

cyan whisper

Boomerang Sonic Powerfully Celestial Wisp.

Jumping around is so much fun as Sonic is that it’s kind of a metaphor for his games. games like Sonic Spinball Fully embrace the joy of Sonic as pinball. It wasn’t until 2010 sonic colors That Blue Blur has a power that allows him to turn into a rebound. That game introduced Wisps, tiny aliens that give Sonic new abilities.

There are quite a few good Wisps out there, like Pink which turns Sonic into a spiny drum. Cyan is probably the best when it comes to pure kinetic action. Holding it prompts the player to aim and then shoot. Sonic will shoot and bounce off enemies and walls in a way that is satisfying to watch.

Sneakers Power

Sonic shoes with Super Sneakers screen in front.

One of Sonic’s most amazing features is his shoes. This red sneaker is very iconic and stands out against its blue fur. The shoes have been sold as merchandise before because they are so desirable. They’re also as coveted in the game as the Power Sneakers.

Obtaining the Power Sneakers increases the character’s acceleration speed. It also makes it difficult for them to lose momentum. While this can make passing some levels difficult, it is a fun bonus whenever the strength is found. Sneaking through levels can be incredibly fun with such power.

magnetic shield

Knuckles look around with the magnetic shield in Sonic Adventure.

While they are among the best Sonic the Hedgehog games, sonic adventure The series had to make some changes to its 3D scale. Previous shields will not work as well. The Magnetic Shield was created to replace the Thunder Shield in 3D. It is also called magnetic barrier and circular magnet.

The shield is as useful as any other shield. Allows the user to take 1 point of damage before fading out. It also has the added benefit of pulling any loose rings scattered around the player’s environment. While this is particularly useful in 3D, another shield can do this and more.

Aqua Shield

Underwater Sonic with Bubble Aqua Shield and Tails.

Sonic the Hedgehog has never been so good about the water. He can’t swim and has a limited supply of air before he drowns to the agonizing rhythm of music. It’s one of the most stressful things about the classic Genesis era of gaming, but Aqua Shield allows players to avoid all of that.

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In addition to absorbing a single hit, it also allows Sonic to breathe underwater. This is not the only bonus as it has another new feature as well. It allows Sonic to bounce his bubble on the ground to reach higher places. This unique move is called Bound Jump, and can be used to beat level layouts.


An indomitable glint surrounds Sonic the Hedgehog.

In a fast-paced game like My voiceThere is no such thing as a separator. There are so many things bombarding the player that it might be a good idea to get any deferment. Fortunately, there is a force that does just that. Covers the Invincible Monitor Sonic in a luster that perfectly protects him from all harm.

This allows shortcuts through hazardous materials such as lava, making levels easier to navigate. This ability has also made fairly consistent appearances in both 2D and 3D games. It only lasts for a limited time, unfortunately. Fortunately, the song it plays during is classically great sonic the hedgehog Song.

purple lightness

The gameplay video shows Sonic using the Purple Frenzy ability.

Violet tufts are more wild than other tufts in sonic colors. They drained all their energy through experiences that drove them crazy. They are now only seeking to satisfy their savage hunger. When Sonic uses them, they share his hunger with him in a purple frenzy.

It’s a pretty ordinary attack, but the aesthetics make it worth it. The force rushes over Sonic and propels him forward imperceptibly. This power can override and destroy enemies and ordinary items that Sonic cannot. It’s not the most complex ability, but this Nega Wisp gives Sonic pressure a few exciting moments to outsmart his enemies.

thunder shield

Sonic is standing on a space station and surrounded by a thunder shield.

The Initial Shields Final was presented at sonic 3 and knuckles It is a thunder shield. It is also sometimes called an electric shield or lightning shield, but it has many uses. As expected of Armor, it also takes a hit in Sonic. It also has the same usefulness as a magnetic shield, as it pulls the rings from afar.

The rings can go through objects to get to Sonic, giving it a very powerful feel in a 2D plane. Also, the shield negates electrical damage in a similar way to what a flame shield does for a fire. This can include enemy attacks. Its ultimate feature makes it the best My voice The power-up is its ability to give the user a double jump, allowing new and exciting ways to traverse stage layouts.

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