Spartanburg County’s Camp Croft is more than meets the eye

Tim Ritter understands what visitors may think the first time their car makes the turn onto the road that leads to Camp Croft State Park.

The 7,000-acre park, located a short distance from downtown Spartanburg, doesn’t have an over-the-top, scenic entryway. Think of it as the boring tarp that’s on top of an underground swimming pool. That exterior is simply a disguise for the awesomeness underneath.

“I remember my first time driving in, I didn’t think there was a whole lot to the park,” said Ritter, who has served as park manager for the past five years. “Once you really get out and start exploring, checking out the area down by Lake Craig and the fishing pier and the sidewalk down there and the Fairforest Creek trail… you can really start to see how beautiful and awesome Croft is. It’s such a large park. Every time you get out and check out one of our trails or start looking somewhere in the park, you wind up seeing something you’ve never seen before.”

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