Spotify Pet Playlist: What it is and How to Create Your Own Playlist

Spotify fans are getting a new feature that brings our two favorite pastimes together – music and spending time with our pets.

A new pet-friendly playlist is the latest feature this year, following the success of the “Supergrouper” and “Iceberg” trends.

The music and podcast platform creates a playlist of pet birds, cats, dogs, and even iguanas based on the music you love.

Here’s everything you need to know about creating one your pet will love!

Make your pet a playlist with the new Spotify feature

Just like every year when Spotify Wrapped is released, music fans are taking to social media to share the best fun streams and reactions.

One user posted on Twitter: “Every time my best friend posts a holding my breath story, today she posted a Spotify playlist of her pet. It was me, you were the pet.”

Another added, “Guys, that’s so cute! You can make your pet a playlist now on Spotify that matches your musical taste. These are mines.”

With a third writing: “The thing my pet discovered is so cool now I have playlists for my cats.”

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How to create your own Spotify Pet playlist

If you want to create a cute playlist for your cat to curl around with or want some tunes to help the parrot dance, we are more than happy to help you.

Head to where it will ask you to sign in to your regular Spotify account.

The streaming platform will ask you a series of questions to help organize the perfect playlist.

First, you will be asked what kind of pet you have: a dog, a cat, a bird, an iguana, or a hamster before you begin to describe its character.

There are a few sliding questions where you can judge how relaxed, energetic, shy, friendly, indifferent or curious your beloved animal is.

Your answers allows Spotify to put together some tracks based on your musical tastes and the needs of your pets.

And if your home is like Dr. Doolittle, don’t despair because you can go back and create as many playlists as you want!

If you want to make your own pet playlist, just visit Spotify website.

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