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Through a series of articles We Call The State, the US Farm Bureau Federation’s Advocacy and Policy Team presents analyzes of the “state” of various aspects of advocacy and policy trends affecting farmers, ranchers, and rural Americans.

“All politics is local,” Tip O’Neill, a former Speaker of the House, said in summarizing the direct link between a politician’s success and their ability to understand and influence the issues that matter to their constituents.

The Farm Bureau has long been committed to working actively with lawmakers on issues that affect farmers, ranchers, and rural communities. The August recess period is a prime opportunity for popular participation as lawmakers return home in hopes of hearing directly from the voters they represent.

For 2022, members of the House of Representatives are scheduled to be in the region for 45 days – from July 30 to September 13. The state’s senators will be from August 6 to September 6. These weeks help shape the political direction of the fall months and provide the best opportunity to influence legislative actions while attempting to shape future actions.

Farmers and ranchers have a critical perspective on the issues Congress is considering. From ensuring the effects of the tax law don’t harm farmers and ranchers, to telling the story about the many challenges across our farms and our ranches from high input costs and inflation to the challenges Mother Nature brings to affecting the farm economy, and sharing details of why the Farm Bill helps us all, Congress approved The need to build a rural broadband network.

Every vote through the Farm Bureau is critical in sharing the story of farming and explaining why these and other issues matter to America’s farmers and ranchers.

As an advocate for agriculture, your goals for the August recess of Congress are:

  1. Schedule meetings with senators and representatives. Invite them to a local event, take a farm or ranch tour or visit the county fair to meet local farmers and ranchers.
  2. Share a personal story about the issues and challenges you face as a company and community. What can they do to help you?
  3. Build a relationship with your legislators so that you can become their trusted resource on all things agriculture and rural America.

August vacation is a critical time for your engagement. Here is a guide to preparing for your meetings:

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The advocacy’s real impact comes from personal stories, both told and presented, that show how key issues affect farmers and ranchers. During the August recess, you and Bureau of Agriculture advocates can sway members of Congress. The error feature of this important opportunity.


Cody Lyon
Managing Director, Advocacy and Political Affairs
(202) 406-3736
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