Sturgeon Bay granary gets $100,000 donation to turn it into an event center

Sturgeon Bay – The Dor County Cereals Project received a major financial boost on Friday afternoon.

The 1923 Fund, a Milwaukee-based nonprofit, has donated $100,000 to the Sturgeon Bay Historical Society for its work to rehabilitate the Teweles and Brandeis Grain Elevator on the Sturgeon Bay waterfront, transforming them into a community cultural center and educational facility.

“The incredible generosity and support of the 1923 Trust brings us one step closer to our goal of creating a public cultural center and agricultural museum on the western waterfront of Sturgeon Bay,” said Beth Renstrom, executive director of the Granary Project, in a press release. “While wood grain elevators were once ubiquitous and played a large role in establishing the United States as a food superpower, there are very few left. As far as we know, our warehouse will be the only localized granary in the Great Lakes region and possibly the country.”

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