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The superyacht will welcome guests in the spring of 2022.

The Daychaser ’48 Show. Barton & Gray Yachting

A member of the New England Yachting Club is building a boat in Boston that he says would be perfect for spending “idyllic” moments with friends and family on the water.

  • America’s best small seaside town is in New England, according to USA Today

The Portsmouth, New Hampshire, Barton & Gray Mariners Club, which has offices and facilities in Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Connecticut, will launch Daychaser ’48 in the spring of 2022, which has been described as “the boat that Boston built.” It is being built at Boston BoatWorks in Charlestown and designed by Doug Zorn, of Zorn Yacht Design in Marblehead.

At Barton & Gray Mariners Club, members can access more than 60 yachts from nearly 30 ports and experience “all the joys of yachting in their lives without any hassle,” according to the club.

Daychaser ’48 is the club’s first yacht built exclusively for club members, and the project is led by Barton & Gray Yachtworks, the club’s fleet management arm.

The Daychaser ’48 Show.

“In creating Daychaser ’48, Barton & Gray Yachtworks incorporates everything we’ve learned about how to spend the perfect day on the water, improving eating and drinking and spending great moments with friends and family,” Douglas Gray, Barton & Gray co-founder and chief marketing officer, said in a statement.

The new yacht will incorporate advanced commercial-grade systems and technologies and Coast Guard-certified design. Boston BoatWorks writes on its website that the boat, which is less than fifty feet long and fifteen feet wide, is “a stunningly beautiful, completely modern, high performance yacht.”

The Pilothouse Bar aboard Daychaser ’48.

On the yacht, club members can mingle in four separate areas: Bow Lounge, Pilothouse Bar, Aft Deck and Beach Club.

The Bow Lounge is great for “sunning and watching,” according to Barton & Gray, while the Aft Deck is where guests can relax and put their feet up. At the rear is the Beach Club, which is great for water sports and beach access, and the Pilothouse Bar where drinks and food are served.

Barton & Gray noted, “We built a board upstairs that is easy to access and built for entertaining.”

Daychaser ’48 rear deck.

On the lower floors, Barton & Gray writes, guests will discover “a spacious head with full shower, navigation desk, storage, and a daybed for taking the occasional nap.”

The captain and his first mate will be seated in an elevated position at the helm.

“As many boat owners know, boat maintenance is a constant and expensive task,” Timothy Barton, co-founder and president of Barton & Gray, said in a statement. “By doing our fleet maintenance in-house with the addition of Barton & Gray Yachtworks, we can ensure our fleet is kept at the highest level for our members and that we can have more boats on the water at any time. Very important as we keep pace with the increasing demand for yachts.”

Those interested in planning yacht trips for next year can learn about Barton & Gray Mariners Club membership on the club’s website.

An aerial photo of a ’48 dachshund.

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