Texas Fishing Report for May 14

Here’s the latest fishing report as provided by Texas Parks and Wildlife on May 14. If there are any sites that are not included and you would like to be included, please email requests to [email protected]

Big Bend area


good. clear water; 79 degrees low 55.61 feet. The water is low so use caution and watch for exposed wood. Channel catfish is excellent with bait punches in 4-6 feet of water early in the morning, moving into 34 feet of water when the sun rises. Check with park services that slopes are closed before going outside. Reporting from Captain Kent Terrell, 3T Guide Service. Largemouth fish are found around the edges of the hydrilla with some fish on the beds, however, most spawning are on the deeper edges. Texas Plastics operate in a crawl pattern in 5-15 feet of water. The white and striped bass is good under 30 feet past the shad balls. The water is very low. Stay in canals and ditches when running. Reporting from Captain Olin Jensen, Jensen Guide Service.

Panhandle / Plains District

Alan Henry

good. clear water; 69 degrees 6.07 feet low. Crappies are good at dancing and some are from 2-18 feet of water. The report is submitted by Randy Britton, Allan Henry Crabbe Lake Guide.


good. Water stained a little 75 degrees 2.77 feet low. Catfish spawning has begun, so look for shallow fish. Shad still spawns in shallow waters, look for this to attract fish to the beaches. Crappie fishing was good on brush piles, cat tails, and around rocks. Brandon Brown Report, Brown Directory Service.


good. Water stained 70 degrees 4.38 feet low. Warmer weather has invigorated the night. Fishermen report good catches of all species in the lake. Crappies are wonderful on live minnows. Catfish and sea bass are good with live minnows, perch or locusts. Chick bite is good on worms. Reporting by Jason Miller, Lake Cisco Rentals.


slow. Slightly stained 70 degrees 2.62 feet low. The bass is fine with some action in the upper water early, then switch to cranks, or senkos. Crappies are good at minnows and dancing on the main brush piles of the lake. Catfish just cut the bait. Strippers hybrids are fair on poppies and shingles.

Foot. phantom hill

good. Water stained 70 degrees 2.89 feet low. The bass hybrid and the white bass are fair in structure using live baits. Bass sound is good on spinners and chatters. Crappies are said to be good at dancing and some near the mouths of the lake’s main brush piles and streams. Catfish is good at shallow to moderate depths on cut bait. Clayton Lohs reports, Respect Fish Guide Service.

Hubbard Creek

good. Water stained 73 degrees low 3.54 feet. Bass are good submerged plants using topwater, cranked tip and paddle tails. White bass is good in main brush piles with spoons. Crappie is good on brush piles and under bridges using minnows and jigs.

Millers Creek

good. Water stained 70 degrees 2.84 feet low. Bass are moving offshore to hit soft plastic and some upper water. Crappies are on the main brush piles of the lake using jigs and some. Catfish is good at cutting shad and prepared baits.


good. Turbid water 67 degrees. 0.66 feet low. The bass was good in the reeds and in the rivers, stirring soft plastic. The crappie was good at handling bridge, dam, reeds, and boat docks. Using crappie, lions and chartreuse dances. The catfish was good around the dam and in the rivers with cut bait. Report submitted by the Angelo State fishing team.

OC Fisher

Exhibition. Water stained 71 degrees 43.61 feet low. Largemouth bass is good at pushing it out from the beaches in the vegetation on crankbats, spinnerbeets, and some upper waters. Crappie is good at minnows and dancing on the main brush piles of the lake. The white bass is good at identifying points and humps using the plates. Catfish just on the stinky bait, live, and cut the bait.

oh ivy

Great. clear water; 67-72 degrees 17.96 feet low. White sea bass is good to run in the rivers to bite live bait or dance. Crappie is good with dancing and some. Good largemouth bass. Shallow catfish is good on prepared baits, live and chopped bait.
possum kingdom

good. Water stained a little 70 degrees 1.70 feet low. Meander fishing was great with live shades, big jigs and big spoons. Sand bass does really well on whiteboards and chartreuses caught near the bottom. Catfish is good in small plots and live shade in 20-35 feet of water. The report was provided by TJ Ranft, Ranft Guide Service. Striped bass can still be caught on deep-diving crank, parachute rigs, feather baits and live bait in 25-40 feet of water throughout the tank. The report was provided by Kraig Sexton, Sexton’s Guide Service LLC.


Exhibition. Stained with 72 degree water. Low 39.81 ft. Bass are well located in vegetation and rock with crank, chatter, and overhead water. Good crappie on the main lake structure using minnows and dancing. The white bass is fair at the points where the wind and humps are blowing with the baseboards. Channel catfish just on live bait and clipped on wind points.


good. stained with water. 71 degrees. Low 13.86 feet. Flathead catfish is very good at live bait in 3-40 feet of water. Channel catfish are very good at prepared baits. Crappies are 30 feet high on the hull using live bait and jigging. White bass does well along the shoreline of the northern tip with live baits and dancing. Reporting from Captain Michael Peterson, Fun Guide Service from 4 Real.

country hill


slow. Water stained 71-75 degrees 3.12 feet low. Bass sound good to 8.05 pounds on jigs, cranks and swims along rocky banks and basins in 3-10 feet of water. Some bass still spawn, most after spawning and some in the summer pattern. Crappies are good up to 1.82 pounds in minnows and dances colorfully from 3 to 15 feet of water on the banks and around lighted ponds. Most of the hunted females still bear eggs. White Bass is good up to 2lbs on assorted moving baits under lights. Catfish is slow to cut bait and liver.


Great. Water stained a little 71 degrees 3.10 feet low. Crappie fishing is good in 15-20 feet of water over brush piles using crappie jig. Reporting by Jess Rotherham, Texas Krabi Fishing Service. Bass is good on shallow rocks and vegetation, overburdening shallow trees with worms and crawling worms. The top water bite also gets good. Crappie, white bass, hybrids and stripes are made strong using small jigging spoons or flutter spoons. Reporting provided by Brian Cotter, Texas Hughes Fishing Guide Service.


good. Water stained a little 74 degrees 0.82 feet low. Crappies are good in 15-20 feet of water on chartreuse dances. Reporting by Jess Rotherham, Texas Krabi Fishing Service.

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