The 24 Best Camping Gear for Men

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It’s no secret that being outside in nature is good for health and wellbeing, even if it’s just twenty minutes a day. A full-on camping trip, however, brings the nature reward to an entirely new level. Whether you head to a remote site in the desert, a family camping hot spot near a lake, or embark on a backpacking journey with a partner, there’s nothing quite like quality time in nature. It’s a great excuse to disconnect from the real world to connect to yourself again.

But before you go ahead and book a trip, you’ve got to make sure you have the proper gear, including everything you’ll need for your campsite and hiking adventures. If you’re a camping newbie, stores like Backcountry, REI, and Amazon can feel overwhelming with a ton of camping suggestions, you’re not entirely sure about. And if you’re a seasoned vet, you’re probably wondering if your age-old gear, stuffed away in storage can hold up this year.

Lucky for everyone, we’ve put together this guide of the best camping essentials of 2021 to set you up for success outdoors, including the best camping tents, backpacking sleeping bags, hiking backpacks, headlamps, hiking boots, and more. We even went out to a few camping pros who basically do this for a living to get their top recommendations on items they can’t live without. Consider this your camping checklist for your summer adventures in the great outdoors.

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Best Camping Tent

Cabin Camping Tent

Different camping trips call for different types of tents, so keep that in mind when shopping for one. If you’re driving to the campsite with a group, the Coleman Cabin camping tent is a great bang for your buck that’s suitable for both camping pros and novices. It’s fool-proof to set up, roomy for up to six people, and has just enough ventilation to keep you covered and comfortable outdoors.

Best Camping Sleeping Pad

Inflatable Camping Sleeping Pad

Say goodbye to pebbled digging into your back as you try to snooze outdoors. This two-inch thick inflatable sleeping pad will make sleeping while camping actually comfortable. With more than 28,000 reviews and 4.5 stars out of 5 on Amazon, it’s a sure bet.

Best Camping Cooler

Roadie 24 Hard Cooler

Ain’t no cooler like a Yeti cooler—and you’re not just paying for the brand name. Sure, it’s an investment, but it’s entirely worth it, especially if you’re a frequent beach goer, outdoor cookout host, or tailgater. Any Yeti is great, but the Roadie 24 is lighter than its predecessor and holds 20% more. It can hold up to 18 cans and will keep them cold for days.

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Most Versatile Portable Firepit


Everyone that comes across this fire pit is amazed by its capabilities. While there are other options that can burn fire, this one is extra special and serves as a multi-purpose product that minimizes smoke. You can burn charcoal or wood and control the size of the flame directly through your phone. Plus, you can purchase cooking add-ons to convert the pit into a grill or griddle.

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Best Camping Lantern

Luci Outdoor 2.0: Solar Inflatable Light

This solar-powered lantern will literally never need batteries. It does the trick of illuminating your space with four different modes: low, medium, high, and flashing. It has a battery level indicator to make sure you never get left in the dark. Plus, it’s compact, lightweight, and with over 4,000 perfect Amazon reviews, it’s the best affordable lantern on the market.

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Best Camping Stove

Profile Propane Camping Stove & Grill

This gas-powered camping stove by Primus doubles as a grill, bringing your kitchen to the great outdoors. The windscreen will protect your food from debris and keep your flame lit, making it the ultimate outdoor cooktop.

Camping Expert’s Pick

BTR Stool

“I’ve recently fallen in love with my BTR stool from Hillsound Equipment. A lightweight stool might seem like a luxury item, but it’s essential when winter camping, and I always carry it with me in my camera backpack when I’m shooting photos and footage on the trails. There’s nothing like a comfortable chair off the cold ground at the end of a long day on the trail.” Jeff Pelletier, Trailrunner and Outdoors Filmmaker

Best Camping Sleeping Bag

Cosmic Down 40

Pair this baby with a sleeping pad and you’ll get a deep, solid eight hours in the great outdoors. It features DriDown, which provides solid insulation with a breathable shell. It has a relaxed mummy shape to keep you cozy and snug without extreme compression-like many others in this category.

Best Camping Kit

Compact Adventure Kit

VSSL creates compact necessity kits for any adventure. The replaceable tins inside carry everything from first aid essentials to fire starters to fishing tackle. And the canister itself is an LED flashlight with a built-in compass. Pretty cool, huh?

Best Hiking Backpack

Talon 22

Easy fit adjustment, an external hydration sleeve, side mesh pockets, and helmet and trekking pole attachments make this the perfect do-it-all day pack for your next camping trip.

Camping Expert’s Pick

InReach Mini Satellite Communicator

“Safety is always an important consideration when on the trail. I never head into the backcountry without my Garmin inReach Mini, which is a two-way satellite communicator with GPS. The inReach can allow someone with access to track my location, along with two-way text messaging to standard cell phones, as well as an SOS button to call for help in the worst-case scenario. Devices like this aren’t cheap, but they are an excellent insurance policy and will provide peace of mind to your loved ones just knowing you have it.” — Jeff Pelletier, Trailrunner and Outdoors Filmmaker

Best Camping Skewers

Stainless Steel Marshmallow Roasting Sticks

These steel sticks are so simple, yet so genius. S’mores are a necessity to any camping trip, and these skewers are a perfect solution to achieving that golden brown marshmallow goodness. They feature a collapsible design that is easy to clean and carry. You can even get creative with them by using them to roast veggies, hot dogs, and more!

Best Camping Speaker

Xtreme 3

The JBL Xtreme is the ultimate party starter in the most rugged environment. The waterproof rating exceeds its competition and the bass is close to concert-like. Plus, you get 15 hours of playtime and a built-in power bank so your phone will never die.

Camping Expert’s Pick

100% Grass Fed Organic Beef Sticks, 24 Pack

“I forever love my jerky sticks. It’s my perfect treat snack in high-altitude situations. The flavor burst brings happiness to my face. Mighty organic has some of the best jerky sticks around. I’m not looking to tear a molar out at high altitude chewing on a tough piece of meat, and that’s why I got with the delicious meat sticks!”Tommy Danger, Adventure expert, hiked climbed six of the seven summits along with 25+ high altitude mountains.

Best Camping Blanket

The Original Puffy

The Rumpl Original Puffy is a camping essential, especially when venturing to areas where the temperatures drop at night. It’s made from 100% recyclable materials and has technology that brings extreme insulation from a shockingly lightweight design. Think of this as your warmest insulated jacket in the form of a machine-washable blanket. It’s also stain, water, and odor-resistant, and it comes with cape clips to keep you warm while keeping your hands free.

Camping Expert’s Pick


“For the river, my Keens are my favorite camping shoes for sure—they dry fast, have grip and stability, and if you don’t use sunscreen, they’ll leave a pattern on your feet.” — Adam Dulye, Camp chef expert and Executive Chef for the Brewers Association, frequently on rivers and trails, always cooking outside.

Best First Aid Kit

The Mover Max

If you’re going car camping and have the space for it, The Mover Max from JUDY brings you the ultimate first aid kit along with warmth and safety tools for those just-in-case moments. Better safe than sorry.

Best Camping Table

Feather Lite Table

A camping table is one of those items you don’t think you need until you find yourself outdoors without one. This of this as a station for your food, drinks, and other small accouterments. It’s lightweight, packable, and made from sturdy aluminum.

Best Camp Chair

Chair Zero Ultralight Compact Camping Chair

High-tech meets comfort. It’s made of a single shock-corded frame that unfolds and re-snaps together, plus a ripstop polyester sheet you unfurl, stretch on, and ease into with an audible moan of relaxation. And it only weighs a pound.

Best Camping Protein Bar

High Protein Chocolate Bars

This superfood-packed protein bar tastes like a chocolatey dessert to satisfy any sweet tooth. It brings you a healthy dose of protein and fiber, without all the sugar to keep you energized and feeling strong on the trail.

Best Coffeemaker for Camping

Coffee and Espresso Maker

Turns out the simplest way to make coffee is also one of the best-tasting. It’s an easy, tiny luxury, and the perfect way to start a camping weekend outright.

Best Camping Headlamp

HeadLamp 330

Don’t skimp on the camping headlamp. You won’t regret spending a little more on this model, which has a rechargeable battery and the ability to shield the brightness based on your gaze. It’ll change your nights.

Mini Bugout Fine-Edge Knife

At 3.7 inches closed, it’s the perfect in-your-pocket camping knife, ready for anything that needs cutting.

Ducan 24

This lightweight hiking backpack is filled to the brim with technical features like side pockets positioned to allow easy access while walking—as well as an air space suspension system that ensures ventilation for unparalleled comfort. No matter what you’re looking for, this pack has it.

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