The award-winning BOTW fish is still banishing players years after its release

The Breath of the Wild player and Reddit user recently spotted the “award-winning fish” for the first time during their 50th game.

a The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild A player who spends their time fishing in the game has just discovered the Sanke Carp, which is known as the award winning fish of Hyrule, for the first time in 50 games. This surprising discovery proves that even five years after its initial launch, Breath of the wild He has many secrets that fans are still discovering to this day.

same The vast open world has given players hundreds of hours of gameplay and many discoveries to make. Although the title was launched in 2017, its wide world is still surprising OTW Players with new discoveries. Aside from traditional exploration, fans of the game have exploited glitches to test the limits of Hyrule, perfect the game’s comprehensive combat systems to bring out impressive combos, and occasionally discover new enemy behaviors in the process. But for all the deep secrets that players have discovered through extensive exploration, some other fans are finding new discoveries in a simple fish pond.

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Reddit user DancyLawyer recently shared a discovery that comes more than five years after the game’s release. This new discovery is the Sanke Carp, with a description that states that “The wild armored carp has been bred into award-winning fish. “The Redditor noted in their post that they had no idea this fish even existed Breath of the wild. Furthermore, in the comments section, they revealed that this fish was found in their 50th game. The almost 100% upvote rating at the time of writing and the long string of comments in the agreement seem to indicate that many players weren’t familiar with the award-winning fish. Sanke Carp does not provide any culinary special effects, and appears to be dedicated to rare finds.

This award winning fish is a fascinating detail hidden in this massive open world, but it is far from the only one. Despite its vast location, Breath of the wild Just as rich in small details as it is, fans have enjoyed discovering it while playing it. For example, last year players noticed that BOTW sheep responded realistically to rainstorms, huddling under trees together to stay dry. And this is just one detail among the many that can be seen with the discerning eye during Link’s adventures.

Discover a rare fish after 50 times of playing The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild A testament to the endless possibilities of in-game discovery. The daunting task of completing the Hyrule Compendium by spotting rare creatures like this may frustrate the owners of the completion, but it remains consistent with the overall trend of the developer. Freedom and discovery at the core Breath of the wild, and Hyrule is full of abundance. Even five years after its release, seasoned players are still finding new things for the first time.

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Source: DancyLawyer / Reddit

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