The Best States for Students in New York Ranking Surprise

I went to college and both times I went to SUNY schools. The state university system worked for me in the 80s and wasn’t too overrated for my parents because I wasn’t any kind of scholarship student. I had some friends who left New York to go to college. They headed to New Jersey, Pennsylvania and even Massachusetts.

There was always a small part of me wondering if I should leave New York and go to out of state school. I know nothing about going back in the ’80s, but nowadays, that might be a bad idea because a recent poll by found New York to be the second best state for college admissions.

New York ranks second for being the best place for a student

Alison Berluko / Town Square Media in the Hudson Valley

Alison Berluko / Town Square Media in the Hudson Valley

Although New York ranks second, it is still not perfect. It scores high for access to entertainment and diverse lifestyles but unfortunately we are the most expensive when it comes to rooms. More than $10,000 compared to Florida’s $6,330. And if you’re wondering where Hawaii landed, it’s at number 20. And the first slot went to California.

Why is New York rated highly as a good university country?

Minnewaska State Park in Dutchess County, New York.

Nancy Kennedy

So what are some of the reasons people might choose New York or even the Hudson Valley for a college education? After all, we have a lot of colleges. I would say the four-season weather has a draw. I also think that our local ecotourism scene makes our area very attractive to young people who are active on the weekends. ranks the best countries to be a student in the USA 2022

State University of New York New Paltz Campus.

Jackie Corley, Townsquare Media of the Hudson Valley

We also have a great mix of colleges, some with great little towns to go with. State University in New Paltz is an excellent example of a college in a fun city. West Point speaks for itself with its reputation and quality education while providing service to our country. Vassar College and Marist College are located in Poughkeepsie, New York with their heritage reputations. And you can’t forget that Bard College is located in Northern Dutchess County with its rich background in the arts.

College in the Hudson Valley ranked

Colleges in the Hudson Valley ranked

This is Is that true Where are all our colleges ranked nationally?

Hudson Valley, New York Camping Resorts

Hudson Valley New York Camping Resorts

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