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Well, here we are again with an impending storm about to hit the coast.

This doesn’t have to be a bad thing, so read on so you can make a plan.

In the middle of the week, the winds stopped allowing those not doing the daily 9-5 grind the chance to hit the seascape. It was a great start on a Saturday morning and many fishermen took full advantage.

Sunshine and North Reef are the most popular sites as were the northern areas towards Double Island Point. For many anglers, a sun-kissed mixed bag keeps them coming back. For the marine fishermen, there were some cute Spanish mackerel. These fish are not the huge beasts associated with the end of the month until June, but they range from 5 to 10 kg which is the perfect size for eating. Spanish can be hard to come by, but make sure you’re running a gooseneck platform from the bands and a small overhead shot of single wires can definitely help you land. For those who fish for lures, Samaki Redics has been catching few fish as much as the smaller Halco bait. Finally, always make sure you have a few sturdy TT slugs stocked with groups of up to 20lbs because long tail tuna are around and likely to pop up at any time.

Snapper appears and there are some solid fish coming in around the 4kg mark. This year may be a bumper season with heavy rains so far. For many anglers, this fish is one of the best fighting reef fish, and fortunately, it makes a great target for lure and bait. For tempting fishermen, you have plenty of options from jigs to plastics and everything in between. For starters, come and let us pick some of the most popular options for you and show you how to set them up for success.

Surf fishing sees high quality throw, tailgating and even snapper for those with groups longer than 12 feet. Having a long rod with a softer tip allows you to catch light while making the most of getting a greater distance. For those on a tight budget, look at our range of Crucis Tempesta rods built on lightweight carbon blanks so you can pop out the lightest baits and hold the rod all day long without getting tired.

This is the time of year when many fishermen prepare to tail, so be sure to get all of the sinkers, gang hooks, and bait string in before the fish arrive.

The river will see a huge boost in fish bait if it rains. The fish will feel the build-up before the storm and begin to feed aggressively. The first few days after a rain event can be excellent.

Reports are coming in of larger bream, and as things get colder, you can expect to find a larger fish measuring 30cm in height.

When it rains, fishermen have to break out the prawns-style plasticine. Many rivers have large numbers of prawns, and Fissure is a wonderful hybrid plastic with plenty of movement that’s sure to catch the eye of flats too.

If you love bashing obstacles around Woods Bay and Noosa Sound, try the TT HWS jighead on a 2-inch grub because the internal weight allows the plastic to fall horizontally and slowly. This action on the 4-6 pound line will cause a large fish to come out of hiding to break down the plastic at the drop. We also have the popular Cranka Crab designed for this style of fishing.

Those with crab pots should prepare because creeks and feed drains start to spill and see mud crabs on the go. If you need any pots, floats, or tags, make sure they are visible.

Freshwater dams and lakes are at just over 100 percent with Burumba releasing water before the rains. It is always a good idea to check SEQ Waters online to see if your chosen dam is open before you leave.

When the water cools, the bass will begin to move down from the upper reaches and begin studying in the main basin. If you find this fish they love the metallic look, jig or spoon. If you don’t already have an Ecogear ZX blade in your kit, make sure you get one because it sends out a massive vibration that drives the bass crazy.

Now, for the latest information, log on to for updated tape and fishing reports, don’t forget to visit Tackle World Noosa, Noosa Boating and Outdoors and Northshore Bait & Tackle in Marcoola for all the right gear, bait and tips to help you to catch up. Make sure to follow us on Facebook and remember Tight Lines and Bent Spines!

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