The Conqueror Companion: The perfect partner for off-road driving

What a player! On our recent travel trip to the Stanford and Swellendam areas, we had the opportunity to bring a new member of the team for our trip. It was none other than the Conqueror Companion 4 off-road camper that was as tough as nails given to us by the Cape-based Conqueror rental division called Nomadiq. Click here for Nomadiq rentals.

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The Conqueror Companion has everything you need for an extended stay in the bush, and will surely follow whatever pulls it in with ease. We had the new Isuzu M-ux 3.0-liter automatic diesel and the Conqueror Companion tow like a dream, and it stayed straight and true on tar, gravel and off-road.

We even dragged the Conqueror to several wilderness campgrounds on the mountainside above the Rivers End Resort at Stanford and the Companion handled the soft sand conditions with ease.

The Conqueror has a positive pressure fan that can be turned on when traveling on dirt roads to reduce dust entry and thus keep the interior clean. There is nothing worse than arriving at your destination to find the resident sand dunes in your caravan and have to clean them up before they settle down.

Our companion is fitted with a standard Insta-Awn canopy that provides excellent shade and coverage from the elements. It was very easy to setup. Under the canopy is a large 315-liter grocery storage cabinet with the door open to provide two foldable work surfaces and additional storage. Inside the grocery storage cabinet is a multi-plug conveniently located for all appliances.

Specifications and dimensions of Rafeeq Al-Fateh

  • External length: 4740 mm
  • External width: 1892 mm
  • External height: 2150 mm
  • Suspension: 2.5 tons independent
  • Empty: 1380 kg
  • GVM: 1800 kg
  • Water capacity: 160 liters
  • AC charger output: 24A / 14.7V (max)
  • Add room (optional): 2

Up front is a heavy-duty Knight wheel, a power plug to attach to the vehicle, and a Anderson 12V DC charging plug. Behind the coupler is a dedicated double gas cylinder storage unit and behind it is a large conical storage area containing the air suspension and air hose adjustment wrenches.

Air suspension wrenches can be used effectively to easily level the camp site companion. There is also an air hose located within the same conical nose chamber, which can be used to inflate the tires to the correct pressure. This is especially useful if you have to offload tires for soft sand conditions.

The companion is equipped with outdoor LED lighting that helps with food preparation and provides great lighting when sitting outside enjoying nature. At the rear of the Companion there is a fold-out shower cubicle with hot and cold shower and wash basin. There’s also an emergency spare wheel, two Jerry can holders, LED taillights and a low-gravity water tank. The Companion is fitted with 16-inch all-terrain tires and decent-looking Mag rims, designed to handle off-road conditions.

The large grocery cabinet door opens and has two fold-down shelves that provide additional surface space in addition to storage. The sliding kitchen with refrigerator offers a hot water washing facility and a two-panel gas cooker, allowing for easy cooking during road trips or at your favorite camping site. The two drawers under the gas stove hold crockery and cutlery for six.

The rear of the Companion provides a fold-up/fold-up entrance door. Inside, just to the right as you enter the caravan, there is a sliding-out double bed. There are plenty of zipped fabric storage compartments inside for clothes, toiletries and other things. There is another double bed which can be moved out and they both have very comfortable mattresses. The roof has been raised to provide additional interior space, and there are open fabric zip vents with a mosquito net for more airflow in summer.

Interior specifications, features and dimensions of the accompanying bed

  • Front bed size: Length 1950mm x Width 1740mm
  • Bed side size: Length 1740 mm x Width 1430 mm
  • Inner lockers: 4
  • Large foldable table: 1
  • Platinum cabin fans: 2
  • Classic cabin fans: optional
  • Media Center: Optional

Since this was the first time the Conqueror Companion had been set up, it took a while to get it hung up, but that we didn’t have time, when we gathered the caravan, to elaborate on the setup. It’s simply a matter of knowing where to open all the clips and then setup is quick and easy. We googled for setup actions we couldn’t do on our own. We are confident that we will significantly reduce companion preparation time on future excursions. With training comes mastery. The foldable quick mount legs provide excellent rigidity when setting up the camper van and the patented independent air suspension system provides easy leveling.

Tale from the tape
How did Rafik Al-Fateh conduct the fare for the trip? Well, you’ve had a great success. This off-road caravan is built ruggedly and designed to handle almost all terrains with ease. The Companion is not only incredibly well designed, but has a lot of great features that make camping a very enjoyable experience. Would we use another companion if we had the chance? It’s a resounding yes, but before we demand a buddy, we’ll also be very keen to try several other Conqueror products like the Conqueror Commander, UEV-25, UEV-17…, wink.

For more information about the Conqueror Companion or about the entire Conqueror suite, simply fill out the easy inquiry form below and a trained staff member will receive all the details you need.

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