The country of Montbéliard. In Mandeure, why is the only Agglo site closed

Everyone was smiling then. full of hopes. In mid-July, the opening of the Les Grands Ansanges camp site in Mandeure is promising. It must be said that here, in the only equipment of this type in the Pays de Montbéliard Agglomeration, nothing happened for three years. Between the floods that devastated the place and the health crisis, the tourist life has gone.

“25,000 euros of expenses versus 20,000 euros of the figure”

The municipality pumped in 170,000 euros, only to return the place to good working order and create an area there to receive mobile homes, a mode of travel that has been thriving for a few years. And I have just found the man to whom, for the next five years, through the delegation of the public service (DSP), I have been entrusted with managing the case.

Yes, everyone believes it, the Mandeure camp site will be reborn from its ruins. Barring that here, the story will finally only last four and a half months. From June 19 reopening date until the end of October. “It was not possible, and it was not profitable for me,” apologizes Jean-Luc Demose, whose company was liquidated in early April.

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96 places

Whoever has experience of the Geromagni camp site that he has been managing for nearly a decade notes the excess charges, particularly insurance costs (€6000/year) in relation to this site, consisting of 96 places, installed in a flood-prone area or maintenance of spaces Green (€10,000 per year). The result, he estimated: “25,000 euros in expenses per year versus 20,000 euros in sales.”

The mayor, Jean-Pierre Hoquet, sees rather poor choices in this failure: “He would rather pay a felling company than pay insurance, outside maintenance could wait in part as long as the city had left the place clean.

“I didn’t get out of my salary last season”

Jean-Luc Demoussy, for his part, points out a point in the DSP at which the municipality can be brought in to overcome the difficulties of the person who has been entrusted with running the camp site: “The mayor did not want to play the part of the game when I told him of my difficulties in affording this winter. Doubts, I couldn’t move forward and continue in debt when I didn’t get out of my paycheck last season.”

Back to the municipal administration

In any case, the Mandeure camp site did not reopen as planned in early April. Jean-Pierre Hoquet insists that “it is absolutely necessary that we find a solution to resume work at the beginning of June”. Who plans to run the issue into the municipal administration this season, in other words across municipal staff, it’s time to re-launch a new authorization procedure. A welcome final perspective is “we have some leads”. The whole thing will be to find the candidate to recover the equipment which, as time passes, will be more difficult to restart.

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