The Cowboys Could Provide Jerry Hughes Homecoming in Texas Over HOU

For a while, Dallas Cowboys executive vice president Stephen Jones said the team still planned to be active in the free agency. The idea is that Jones is probably trying to wait for the free agent price ranges to drop so the team can pick up some veteran talent at a lower price. Now is the time to make those moves as some of the players we suggested the Cowboys might have an interest in have already been left out of the free market. One of those players is now – ex-Buffalo Bill, Jerry Hughes.

On Tuesday morning, several reports said the 12-year defense veteran will be signing with the Houston Texans. Prior to this move, Hughes was the longest-serving player on the Bills list with nine years of service. The edge striker has been one of the most consistent and enduring defenders in Buffalo for nearly a decade. Since 2011, the 33-year-old has only missed one match.

In his long career, he collected 58 sacks, 82 tackles to lose, 16 forced tackles, and 129 quarterbacks. Hughes was due to enter the final year of his five-year, $45 million contract with Buffalo, but he wanted to explore the free market. After several years in the league, it seems that the Fort Worth, Texas native wanted to go home. But why would you do that to the worst team in the Lone Star State? While the Texans certainly had reason to want Hughes, so did the Cowboys.

The Cowboys need extra help and bodies in DE Corps after Randy Gregory’s exit. Plus, Hughes would be a fantastic veteran presence that would have allowed Micah Parsons to move more freely as a defender. Additionally, Hughes’ age will likely make it cheaper even though production continued into the later years of his career. So why wouldn’t the cowboys pursue a man like this?

Buffalo Bills Jerry Hughes Reportedly Made Homecoming in Texas with Houston Texans instead of Dallas Cowboys

While the details of Hughes’ contract have yet to be finalized, we have to imagine he came at a much lower price and would only sign a one or two year contract due to his age. Texas probably scored big here. They definitely need defensive help. Houston ranked fifth in the league standings in 2021 with just 32 sacks. It is strange that they did not Draft a defensive end with their picks in the 2022 NFL Draft, so signing Hughes makes sense for the Texans, albeit a temporary solution.

Spotrak previously predicted that Hughes would receive a $6 million two-year contract. So even if his snapshot count starts declining with age, the team will still get a permanent and veteran captain for a negligible price. Is this a huge mistake made by the cowboys? never. But could this be a belated free agency move that would help the team? Yeah.

Although Hughes was born in Sugar Land, Texas, (a suburb of Houston), you would think that if he got an offer from the top team in Texas, he might have accepted it. We, of course, don’t know if the Cowboys had any conversations with Hughes, but the idea of ​​the Texans returning to AT&T with a Lone Star State that has a much better chance of winning the Super Bowl in the near future likely could have kept him away from the Texans.

The Cowboys will now face Jerry Hughes and Texas at home in 2022.

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