The CW Is Ready For Cowboy Even With Walker: Independence

The Walker The prequel is set in a Texas town in the nineteenth century where nothing seems to exist.

If you’re a Western fan who doesn’t care about the idea of ​​paying extra for cable or streaming — and judging from the posts on our Facebook page, there are a few of you out there — we’ve got some great news. It was confirmed this week that, for the first time in two decades, a traditional Western series will air for free (with commercials, of course) on broadcast TV: Walker: Independenceprequel to Walker – Popular Walker, Texas Ranger Reboot The Jared Padalecki Championship – Set to premiere during the 2022-2023 season on The CW.

Padalecki is executive producer of the series, which is set in the late 1880s and centers on Abby Walker (Katherine McNamara of Arrow And Shadow hunters), a wealthy Bostonian whose husband was murdered in front of her while they were on their journey out of the West. In her quest for revenge, Abby meets Hoyt Rollins (Matt Bar of Hatfields and McCoys And blood and treasure), a lovable rogue looking for a target.

Abby and Hoyt’s journey takes them to Independence, Texas, where nothing is what it seems – and where they encounter an eclectic group of residents fleeing their turbulent pasts and chasing their dreams. As they interact with the diverse citizens, Abby and Hoyt gradually become agents of change in the small town.

Faithful viewers Walker It will be noted that actor Matt Barr (pictured above) played another character named Hoyt Rawlins during the first season of that series. However, he didn’t make it into season two, because – well, let’s just say his character was written outside of the show. As Deadline showbiz stated: “It’s unclear how 19th century Abby Walker and Hoyt Rollins are related to Abilene Walker (Molly Hagan) and her sons Cordell Walker (Padalecki) William Walker (Kegan Allen) as well. As Cordell’s best friend, Hoyt Rollins (Bar) , but Barr’s choice hints at a direct link between Hoyt in the first decade of the twenty-first century and the twelfth century AD.”

(Any similarity to the link between Yellowstone And 1883 It is, most likely, only coincidental.)

Other regulars in the series include Greg Hovannisian as Tom Davidson, the untrustworthy sheriff of Independence; Philemon Chambers as Gus, a deputy who keeps his feelings for his boss to himself; Lawrence Cao d’Or Kay, a former railroad worker who settled into a new life while running a local laundry; and Katie Findlay as Kate, an FBI agent who pretends to be a burlesque dancer while investigating the secret business of Independence.

Stay tuned for more developments.

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