The finding of the Thomas Home

In the last column, the schooner, Thomas Hume was described in the historical context of the lumber industry. It is known that the Thomas Hume vanished on May 21, 1891. Lake Michigan was successful in concealing her secret for 115 years.

The disappearance of the Thomas Hume without a trace set off all kinds of speculation about what might have happened to the ship. In her book, “Lost and Found: Legendary Shipwrecks of Lake Michigan,” Valerie Van Heest observed: “The mystery thickened. A wild and woolly suggestion originated that the Hume might have sailed to some obscure port, been repainted, and renamed. Others, including Charles Hackley, presumed that a steamer had rammed and sunk the schooner and the captain, fearful of repercussions, sailed away.”

Other kinds of speculation were noted by the website Ancient Origins: “Others have suggested that the ship was a victim of paranormal phenomena and that it sailed unknowingly into the so-called Michigan Triangle, an area likened to the Bermuda Triangle in which many ships went missing.”

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