The Lempdes-sur-Allagnon (Haute-Loire) camp site is nationally known for its management of outdoor spaces

“All the elements were there, we didn’t have to pay much.” The project manager of the interdepartmental union for the management of Alagnon (Sigal) and its tributaries, Manon Jozroland admits that he has found, at the municipal camp site at Lempdes-sur-Allagnon, a very favorable ground for the implementation of the + Nature La Feridun (an organization specializing in “vegetarian expertise for environmental health”).

First to get Level 3 Charter + Nature

Principals Joel and Michelle Bruson have been “asking advice” for better environmental and sustainable management of outdoor spaces. Manon Jozroland referred them to Fredon, who noted that the camp site, with 60 playgrounds, was “not far from Charter + Nature”. Since 2020, the site has been working on its implementation, reaching for the first time in France (all types of public and private structures combined), level 3, the highest. This honor was awarded on Wednesday, May 11th.

Four lines of work

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Christoph Brass, Head of Environmental Health at Fredon Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, referred to the principle of this charter. “It is a support tool for technical advice, intended for local authorities, camp sites, businesses, social landlords…” It requires work on four topics that allow us to go beyond regulations: the lack of any plants; reduce green waste; Better water management and enhancement of local biodiversity. An additional topic has been added: communication with customers, employees, etc.

Le Sigal and Fanny Agostini, promoters of natural pastures in Cantal

After taking advantage of the development options made by the municipality in 2010-2011 (complete renovation, networking, choosing not to use asphalt on paths, etc.), the current managers, who operate the camp site as a public service delegation, have implemented a series of measures to support The charter, starting with zero veto (see below).

In outdoor accommodation, there is a strong demand from customers for more and more nature. We will work to advance implementation of this charter starting this fall.

Christian Boomer (President of the Regional Association of Outdoor Hotels of Auvergne)

Example for others

For Manon Jozroland, the Pont d’Allagnon camp site “has become a good playground for raising awareness of other structures located in the Alagnon catchment area and thus meeting Sigal’s goals: improving the quality of ‘water and biodiversity'”. Christian Baumer, President of the Regional Confederation of Outdoor Hotels in Auvergne, praised the result. Achieved by the camp site on Wednesday. As of 2021, our consortium has signed a partnership with Faridoon. In outdoor accommodations, there is strong demand from clients to get more and more from nature. We will develop the implementation of this charter from this fall. »

Action Examples
Zero plants and animals.
To comply with the charter, the camp site first applies the zero-veto principle. In addition to composting and sorting waste, Joël and Michèle Brosson have also created a rabbit enclosure (fun, they allow customers to dispose of a few specific leftovers). In an old abandoned mini golf course, goats and sheep feed on the grass on the ground and thus take care of it.
Late mowing and deadwood management. Greenery is prone to late mowing: strips along the edge of the paths are mowed regularly while the rest are left to grow longer, providing shelters for biodiversity. Here and there, piles of wood have been laid to make shelters for hedgehogs. Dead tree branches are stored and then crushed to serve as mulch for flower beds.
Water management. The camp site also takes care of water, as Joel Bruson explains: “We have four rainwater recovery tanks with a capacity of 1,000 liters each. That’s enough for watering.”

Pierre Hebrard

Practice. More information about the camp site is on the Camping Le Pont D’Allagnon – Official Facebook page.

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