The Milwaukee County Zoo has a special dragon exhibit this summer

The Milwaukee County Zoo is the perfect place to go to see the big animals – from elephants and hippos to rhinos and polar bears. In many summers, there are even dinosaurs to see (type of robots or a lego set because dinosaurs are – of course – extinct).

However, this summer’s special exhibition is a little different. It will be in the same place where robotic dinosaurs usually hang out – in the outside area behind the small mammal building, surrounded by beautiful foliage from the zoo’s gardening section.

But this year’s exhibition will feature neither the real live animals that lived throughout the zoo nor the extinct robotic animals that lived millions of years ago. These robotic animals have never lived. They are legendary.

They are dragons.

Paige Ballard, the zoo’s visitor services specialist, said she went to the San Antonio Zoo last summer and saw an exhibit of the legendary Dino Donne dragon.

Dino Don is a company that, for the past 30 years, has provided roving natural history exhibits to zoos and museums. As the name suggests, exhibits usually feature giant dinosaurs.

Amphiptere is one of the robotic dragons that will be on display at the Milwaukee County Zoo from Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day weekend.

Milwaukee decided to bring the dragons here, and it will only be the third zoo in the country to feature the new Dino Dawn exhibit.

Ballard said Milwaukee will be making some modifications to the gallery for their own purposes.

“In San Antonio, the gallery had a Renaissance feel,” Ballard said. “Here we are moving more towards slamming the messages on animal conservation.”

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