The new DOGPAK K9 backpack is changing the face of canine adventure

Lightweight, waterproof and form-fitting, the dog backpack is a first of its kind.

DOGPAK, the Switzerland-based K9 outdoor gear company, will launch its new design of dog backpack in June, putting dog equipment at the forefront of the fast-growing trend of hiking. “Dogs are not designed to carry heavy loads over long distances,” said Devin Kelly, founder of DOGPAK, who has traveled extensively on 3 continents with his dog Thunder. “Saving a few grams is more important to a dog than it is to a human.” This idea led him to design a new style for the dog backpack: one focused on keeping weight, reducing bulk, and improving fit to reduce slippage. (More on dog backpack safety:

The result is a new DOGPAK Moab Lite dog everyday bag. The new waterproof and lightweight design offers a package with a slimmer look than many other models, which can be too bulky and cumbersome to carry.

The minimalist design also means this pack can be used for daily walks and overnight backpacking trips. While the saddlebags are slim in shape, they provide enough space and stretch to hold 2 liters of water, some food, treats, a K9 first aid kit, collapsible bowls, dog bags, leash, and most other common hiking supplies. Water-resistant with fully taped seams and an eco-friendly polyurethane coating, this pack will keep gear dry while trekking in the rain or morning dew. Larger items, such as a dog’s coat or sleeping bag, can be rolled up and stuffed over the dog’s shoulders. This setting helps distribute size and weight more efficiently, and also makes a dog’s appearance thinner when moving through the brush, where they might otherwise be stuck.

With seven adjustment points around the harness, the Moab Lite offers a wide range of customization to fit many different dog shapes – a common challenge in the industry. The new design also features some more convenient details, like the easy-to-grip handle, a permanent D-ring for one-handed handlebar trim, and pretensioners on the mounting straps to reduce slipping.

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