The Pompon Caravan area in Bergerac will be charged again

But that’s all about to change…

But all that will change. From Monday, May 16, it will be closed for a month and a half, while the city is carrying out upgrade work there, which in particular will lead to a return of prices. This doesn’t bother mobile home owners any more: “It’s a bit normal,” they say.

containment shelter

Previously she paid, it became free at the end of 2019. Not by the will of Bergerac municipality, but because one day her payment terminal broke down and it ended up with a caravan that he wants out of broke his barrier. The months that followed, in 2020, then-mayor Daniel Garrigue opted not to start work when the contract with the plant’s operator expired.

“We decided to leave the area freely to reach those who had problems with housing during the stay”

His successor, Jonathan Brillioud, says: “This was the first confinement. We decided to leave the freely accessible area to accompany those with housing problems at the time.” Summer 2020, the tourist season after resuming, nothing has been released. The same in 2021, even if 60 thousand euros are added to the budget.

Instead of just rebooting the device, a reversal happened to bring it out better. But the work did not start “due to problems with the delivery of equipment.” So much so that the construction site won’t begin until May, when the pre-tourist season arrives. Jonathan Briuloud agrees, saying: “We had no other choice. Otherwise, it had to be brought back after the summer.”

price increase

Initially, the area had 10 free places with access to water and emptying, and 16 payment places connected to electricity meters. From now on, everything will be paid for and connected to new gauges that allow for faster charging times. More trees will be planted and the mayor plans to move forward with the development of “children’s toys and a petanque court”.

Prices have been adjusted upwards. From €5 in the past (plus €2 for water and sanitation), it will drop to €10 per day, including: water, sewage and electricity. Mobile home owners will benefit from two free hours: “Those who pass through will be allowed to drain and fill with water, explains the mayor. And Bergerac residents who used to come here to rent their express homes will be able to continue to do so.”

If the area remains under management, SAGS will be responsible for managing the new station. According to Jonathan Brillioud, this company, which already delegates parking in Bergerac, provides the advantage of being on site to intervene if the need arises.

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