The technology least spotted in the Tour de France

The 2022 Tour de France has been one of all time. Exciting races, great performances, impressive moments from your seat at nearly every stage, and a host of new technologies. It’s been a busy month with no shortage of content to cover for cycling tips.

As such, a few things have crept over the net, but now on the eve of the final phase, we’ve sat down to scroll through our camera’s tech-packed SD cards and pick out some that didn’t make it a standalone article. Not because it’s not very interesting, but because it was either meant to be part of a dedicated standalone that, for one reason or another, didn’t materialize, or was put off while waiting for more details that never arrived.

The good news is that the contents of this tech savings piggy bank make for a great summary gallery. enjoy

KTM Revelator Model

T-3 days to Le Grand Depart, and we’ve already spotted Cyril Lemoine’s new KTM Revelator. Expecting KTM to reveal the Revelator on the Tour or Eurobike, we’ve kept those shots once again for the big reveal. KTM still hasn’t revealed this revelation.

Unfortunately, even when KTM reveals the Revelator in full, it is unlikely that a zebra-like paint job will be available to you and me. One can hope, and in the meantime, here are some close-ups of the new bike.

Campagnolo climbing wheels

Muto Spear Reserve

Cervelo and Reserve acquired Santa Cruz store in Morzine during their first proper day of rest. Reserve has since launched its new Aero 52/63 road wheel set, and this scooter now makes sense.

New shoes, old shoes, wrong shoes

Merida bars

Trial time headache


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