There was a known face of TF1 hiding behind a deer outfit

We knew that the character hidden behind the deer costume was the opposite of what this character represented. Black M, Kenf, Anthony Kavanagh, who can set fire to a group singer mask ? During the quarter-finals, all the detectives finally tuned in to their violins. According to them, it was Laurent Aurnac who was spitting smoke behind his mask. So, the verdict? This Friday, at the end of the TF1 competition final, he is already an actor camping paradise Viewers found it.

Throughout the competition, Laurent Ournac was impressed by his unexpected vocal abilities. That was the case again this evening while performing on set fire And a duet with Larusso, winner of the previous edition, with whom he dealt chandelier Sia, that’s it! Despite this, he placed third for the season.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you in these circumstances, and happy to share a little and congratulate you because in fact, how quickly I had the right intuition fired Laurent Ournac at the time of his revelations. Being with you was a crazy experience. I love to sing. Looking into people’s eyes and singing like singers The real ones terrify me. So singing in a mask was a good idea.”

Clues about deer have been deciphered

Among the clues that have been revealed about the bonuses, we can see Robin Hood because Laurent Ornack was called the voice of Brother Tuck’s character in the 2010 movie with Russell Crowe. During one of his shows, the LGBT flag, petanque and pepper balls were included in the decor. TF1 actor is a star camping paradise (a place where bowls are often played), and has appeared in plays same-sex marriage and others Chili in caviar.

Several references were also made to his participation in My amazing fiancé, the program that he revealed to the general public more than fifteen years ago. Then we understood that the deer was “a real or almost charming prince” and that we did not know him at first “with his true identity”. He clearly embodied the role of Laurent Fortin, a man far from being the perfect son-in-law.

One last clue whose meaning to the road was easy to discover? During the season, the deer noted that above him is a “guardian angel”. Believers in TF1 will have realized a nod to the two rings of intersection between them camping paradise and others Josephine Guardian Angel. Thanks to his experience, will Laurent Aurnac convince Mimi Mathi to participate in the fourth season of Mask Singer?

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