They can shoot horses, serve papers

Those who want to eliminate the constable position in Kentucky call it an outdated relic from centuries ago.

How outdated?

Well, Kentucky law still sets out a fee schedule for some of the constable duties:

A constable can make $3 for killing and burying a sick horse, donkey or mule.

Killing and burying cattle is only worth $2 per head to a constable.

To dispatch a “mad dog” can make a constable literally a quick buck, $1 per “mad dog.”

“Taking up a vagrant” will get a constable 50 cents.

For the 21st Century constable, the real bread-and-butter is in fees collected serving court papers, such as writs, warrants, summons, subpoenas and evictions.

They can charge up to $70 per service, the same as the county sheriff.

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