This amazing 25m mobile home is for sale

Based on the Freightliner Coronado truck, this 25 meter mobile home offers all the comfort and space to fit two cars on board.

When it comes to mobile homes, there’s something for every taste and budget, from the simplest to the most extravagant model, like the EleMMent Palazzo that’s been making a splash lately.

Today we are interested in an imposing recreational vehicle, based on heavyweight Coronado cargo shipWhich will be classified among the most luxurious models. This car is for sale by its owner in the US, and it’s an opportunity to make an in-depth visit to its upscale interior.

Ultra-Luxury Heavyweight Mobile Home

The first part is a three-axle truck with a length of 13.7 meters, which has reached just over 104,000 kilometers on the odometer since its registration in 2008. The exterior design is very discreet, it has recently received a slate gray body that contrasts with the glossy black elements and chrome inserts.

But inside, the model has many advantages: there is a huge living room, a dining area, several storage cabinets, a fully equipped kitchen: there is a microwave oven, a double refrigerator, a sink, as well as air conditioner In all spaces. The decor is a bit dated, but everything is luxurious and exudes quality.

Lots of comfort equipment

At the back we find a large bedroom with a large double bed, separate shower and toilet. There are no less than three TVs on board, plus an electric umbrella and an outside fridge or even a barbecue, allowing you to enjoy the sunny days outside.

but this mobile home The exclusive is already complemented by an impressive Haulmark trailer in the back, some measured 11 meterswhich makes the assembly size approx 25 meters in length. This gorgeous two-story space is actually a two-car garage, so you can travel with your favorite models.

A mobile home for car enthusiasts

There are many hatches that allow access to the garage, as well as many equipment that allow for example the repair of the car. Of course, this space is also equipped with air conditioning, and the whole is complemented by a panoramic roof that can be accessed by a staircase.

The car is for sale on Facebook by a garage called Cicio Performance: Owner Nathan Cicio wants to buy a new motorhome, and that’s why he’s selling it for $425,000or the equivalent of about €416,000 at the time of this writing.

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