This is the cost of High Efficiency 100: Winnebago’s Smallest Ever

Winnebago Industries is an American brand that manufactures RVs in the form of motorhomes and tow vehicles. Winnebago’s long and fruitful history was established in 1958, which is why they now have a very diverse range of models to suit specific needs and budgets.

Size usually matters when it comes to recreational vehicles, but not in the way you might think. Sure, a larger RV entails more living space, but that also means that it’s harder to maneuver, and you’ll need a sturdy truck or SUV to tow it comfortably if it’s a towable RV. For this reason, sometimes small recreational vehicles can be a good alternative for people who have weaker vehicles and do not need as much living space.

For the 2022 lineup, Winnebago added the Hike 100 as the standard and older Hike’s younger brother, the smallest they’ve ever made. Its compact size and low weight mean it can be towed by pretty much any mid-size truck, SUV, or even crossovers and sedans, and surprisingly, it’s still a highly efficient RV in its own right. Here how much it costs.

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Winnebago 100 . flight dimensions

Measuring just 15 feet from end to end, which is less than the length of many full-size pickups, the Hike 100 is 7.9 feet from side to side, which means you won’t have visibility issues with your car’s side mirrors when towing it around. Furthermore, the Winnebago Hike 100 weighs 2,700 pounds, with an additional loading weight of 1,500 pounds. The interior headroom comes in at 77 feet, so people of any size will be able to stand comfortably inside the Hike 100.

Hike 100 . External Features

The Hike 100 may be small, but it still comes with a number of outdoor accessories typical of Winnebago. The first is the so-called Walking 100 “exoskeleton,” which refers to several mounting points outside an RV that were made to carry gear; It is compatible with Thule extensions, which means owners can easily purchase a large number of accessories to suit their specific needs.

In addition, Winnebago’s Hike 100 also offers awnings on all three sides that are accessible from a small RV, one side featuring a powered awning. Non-motorized awnings can be rearranged to form an outdoor changing room or privacy curtain. Finally, there’s a 190W rooftop solar panel that’s perfectly positioned to optimize rooftop storage without getting in the way of that precious sunlight.

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Inside The Hike 100’s Small, But Cozy Inside

As mentioned earlier, the Hike 100 is Winnebago’s smallest RV at just 15 feet long, which means you can’t expect to find a lot of living amenities inside. To be honest, the Hike 100 is not an RV you should be looking for if you are looking for a true RV in which you can spend several days comfortably; It’s better suited for weekend getaways and short trips, as it only has room for the basic features of an RV.

The Hike 100 can be configured in several ways, such as designing with a queen-size fixed bed and an extra loft bed, one with a pull-down bed and dining area, and another with Murphy beds and other pull-down combinations. All configurations come as standard with a small kitchen area equipped with a microwave, refrigerator, sink and toilet with shower. In terms of water storage, the Hike 100 comes with a 31-gallon tank and an additional six-gallon water heater, which should be enough for a couple of showers. In terms of waste water, the little Winnebago comes with a 25-gallon gray water tank and a black 6-gallon water tank.

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How much does a Winnebago Hike 100 cost?

Upon its announcement and prior to the original release of the Hike 100, it was speculated that it would be priced slightly lower than that of its older brother, the Hike. However, the reality is much different, and the Hike 100 is actually more expensive than its larger counterpart. With a starting price of $44,504 as mentioned on the Winnebago website, the Hike 100 is significantly more expensive than the Hike, which comes with a starting price of $38,485.

This hefty price tag is due to the fact that the Hike 100 is one of the latest Winnebago models, and as such, it comes loaded with many features not available on older models like the original Hike.

In retrospect, the Hike 100 is a revolutionary RV that is finally opening up the world of mobile homes to a larger audience due to its small size and ease of portability. Not only that, but Winnebago was also able to add everything you could need from a compact RV and more, without compromising the limited living space inside.

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