This Week in History May 13, 1922: Successful Livestock Farming, Cars in Playgrounds, and Snow in May

This Week in History as reported by Summit County Journal in the week beginning May 13, 1922.

The Hanks brothers will bring 1000 head of cattle

Notable Hanks Brothers Farms will bring 1,000 head of cattle to Summit County in the latter part of this month. They’ll get the cattle near Village Grove in Saguache County and drive them through South Park, considering crossing Hoosier Pass with the herd. Hoosier Pass was chosen over Boreas Pass due to the growth of poisonous grass on the eastern side of the Boreas, which could endanger livestock lives.

The Hanks brothers own one of the largest farms on the Blue River. Last summer, they found they had large crops of hay on their hands that they were able to use.

Driving over Hoosier Pass with cattle will greatly help open the highway to vehicular traffic. It will also enrich the county with some additional taxes.

Proof of vehicle ownership by the court

A judgment and decree of the District Court in Denver was given by Judge Clarence J. Morley announced that HD Maize is the sole owner of the Hupmobile purchased from SBI Motor Sales Co. He continued to Leadville and was submitted to a decision by the court.

The case concerns HC Flint, a young man who works for Mr. Maize, who was accused of car theft but was acquitted of the charge at trial last summer in Breckenridge. Mr. Mays bought the car while mining in Kokomo and handed it to Louis Dunn, who was looking after mining interests there at the time.

Mays said he never dealt with the address, and instructed Flint to take the car to Denver via Leadville Road. While doing so, Flint was arrested at Dan’s instigation.

Snow storm hit county this week

A severe snowstorm hit Breckenridge this week and covered the valley with its white blanket. However, after several wonderful spring days, Storm cannot be considered a welcome visitor. Even the placer miners, to whom she would be of the greatest assistance, were not so vocal in their praise of the storm, as it hindered them in reaching their goal of being prepared.

Yesterday the sun managed to melt most of the snow from the streets, with the result that the snow that fell on the hills remains. However, a nice day or two is expected to make all the last snow disappear.

Local news notes from across Summit County

  • The high school had a beef fry last Tuesday night. Report a good time to everyone.
  • Misses Josephine and Flossie Marcott of Lower Blue were two of Breckenridge’s callers last Sunday night.
  • The lack of coal prevented the use of the pool for some time. The current outlook is clearly not favorable for an early opening.
  • Harry York made a trip to Leadville on the first of the week, and returned Wednesday.
  • Mr and Mrs George Robinson, daughter John and son George spent the first week in Glenwood Springs.
  • SS Fry is reported to be improving rapidly at Glenwood Springs Asylum. He went to Glenwood several weeks ago for his health and was taken to the hospital on arrival.

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