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Not a big fan: I’m not a big sports fan, but when it comes to a baseball team I’m a Cubs fan all the way! I mean listen to this song: “Go Cubs go, go Cubs go. Hey, Chicago what do you say? The Cubs are going to win today!” All the people in my class are basically Packers fans. The Packers should pack their bags and go home.

Sports run in family: My family is great at sports. We are good at sports because my mom and dad played sports for ISU. My dad played baseball and his name is Josh Kauten, he also runs a baseball place: K’s Training Academy. My mom Emily Kauten played volleyball at ISU. So do I. My brother, sister and I want to play sports when we grow up.

Most sports use a ball: Lots of sports have a ball but some do not. Here are some examples of some sports like basketball, volleyball, baseball and tennis. Lots of people play sports.

Soccer with friends: I like to play soccer with my friends. I try to kick the ball into the net. Soccer is fun!

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Baseball is fun: You can hit a ball 40 feet. You can catch a ball. You can get home runs. I love baseball.

Lots of sports: There are a lot of sports such as kickball, baseball, basketball and hockey. Different games use different arenas. Kickball and baseball use a diamond-shaped arena. Basketball and hockey are an oval-shaped arena. Sports are fun.

Baseball is my favorite: Baseball is my favorite sport. Baseball is fun to play. My favorite baseball team is the Chicago Cubs. Some of the rules are if you get three strikes then you are out. There are four bases: first, second, third and home base. Last year I played baseball and I want to play it again this year.

Pingpong: Pingpong is my favorite sport to play. I also play football at a stadium with my friends. I am on a soccer team and we are called The Eagles.

Watch and play soccer: My favorite sport to watch and play is soccer. I am on the red team with my friends. I like to get money after I win games.

Olympic sports: I like sports. I like to play soccer. I watch the Olympics. I like to watch the players push the broom in curling. I like to watch the skeleton event.

Football: A sport I know about is football. One day I want to play. My dad used to play.

Swimming: I love to swim. I like it mostly because I can race; I still have to have a floaty though. It is hard to float. It is hard. I take swimming lessons. It is fun! It takes a lot of time to learn to swim.

NBA: The National Basketball Association (NBA) is a pro basketball league. There are 30 teams in the NBA. It was founded in 1946, that was 76 years ago! In 2022, LeBron James is the GOAT (greatest of all time). You should really try basketball out!

Sportsmanship: Sports isn’t just about playing the game, it’s also about how you act during the game. It’s called sportsmanship. Being a good sport is the opposite of being a sore loser. It’s showing respect even if you’re jealous. Sportsmanship should also happen in daily life. For example, if someone wins a raffle, you could congratulate them.

Gymnastics: Hi! I am Emmersyn. I love to do sports but most of all I love gymnastics. I have gymnastics meet this Saturday. My last meet I got second place all around. I was very proud of myself.

Rollerblading: My favorite sport is rollerblading because I like the feeling of rolling. My other favorite is soccer because it warms my heart.

Football, soccer and basketball: My favorite sport is football. I play with my friends. I am on a soccer team. We are called The Goal. When I play basketball, I shoot the ball through the hoop and make a basket.

Flips and tricks: My favorite sport is gymnastics. I can do many tricks like back bends, cartwheels and the splits. I love being with my friends and seeing what kind of tricks they can do.

Winter Olympics: I watched winter Olympics. Some of the countries are France, USA and Mexico. I love to watch basketball and curling.

Basketball: A sport I know about is basketball. My mom played basketball. She also did gymnastics a little bit. I love gymnastics. My sister does it. She is good. She teaches me, and I like basketball too. I also skate and so did my daddy.

Wrestling: In wrestling you need to wait your turn when the other person finishes, it is then your turn. You can get a pin or not. Every win you get you get a point.

Popular sport: The K Hawks are a baseball team. I am on this team. If you play or watch this sport you should know what positions in baseball. This is one of the most popular sports in the world.

Love sports: I loves sports. All I like is baseball, basketball and football. Football is my favorite.

Basketball is fun: I love basketball. It has challenges. I love basketball because we have fun. I love to try to make a basket.

Soccer and basketball: A sport I know about is basketball. Today I went outside. It was really fun. My friend and I played it. I also like soccer. You have to kick the ball.

Tumbling: Hey, do you like gymnastics? Well, I’m going to talk about it. There are so many things, like tumbling, outfits, balance beam, flops and last but not least the bars! They are my favorite part.

Volleyball: I like volleyball because I like diving for the balls. Sports are fun to play. Volleyball is my favorite sport. I love volleyball!

Hockey: A sport I know about is hockey. I like hockey. It is in the winter Olympics I love to watch the winter Olympics. It is fun to watch. I love to watch hockey.

Softball: Softball is a sport I play! You’ll have softball practice so you are ready for games. There may be games inside depending on the weather.

The swim team: My favorite sport to do is swimming. I am on the swim team. I like it because it is competitive. It is so fun! My sister is also on the swim team. My favorite is the swim meets.

Cartwheels: A sport I know about is gymnastics. Do you know why? It is because I do gymnastics. I am on level 2. I love to do flips off the bars. I love to do cartwheels and I also love to hang upside down on the bars.

Cheerleading: Cheer is very fun! My favorite thing about cheer is the pompoms! Pompoms are different colors. The outfits are also different colors. Stunts are sometimes scary because you are really high up.

Ice Skating: Ice skating is one of my favorite sports. It is in the Olympics. My dad is really good at ice skating. I am learning how to ice skate with my dad. We like to ice skate on our pond. Ice skating is really fun!

Basketball and soccer are fun: A sport I know about is basketball. It is fun to play. I am not too good at it. I also know about and love soccer. Soccer is very fun, like basketball.

Chicago Cubs: Do you like baseball? I do! My favorite team is the Chicago Cubs. I have three favorite players: Ben Zobrist, Kris Bryant and Anthony Rizzo. Kris Bryant plays third baseman, Anthony Rizzo plays first basemen. I do not know what Ben Zobrist plays!

Wants to try pingpong: I want to try pingpong because I think it will be fun! I think ping pong will be challenging and also hard. I think I will be good at pingpong!

Soccer goals: A kind of sport that I like the most is soccer. Soccer is a kind of sport that I like and my friend likes it too. To play soccer you have to kick the ball as hard as you can and if you hit the goal you get a point.

Soccer teams: There are teams in soccer. To score a point, get the ball into the net. Only kick the ball. If you don’t, it’s not a point.


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