Tom and Jerry Character Guide (Best Tips and Strategies)

The original cat-and-mouse duo, Tom and Jerry, are unlockable characters in the new Warner Bros. platform fighting game. , MultiVersus.

Tom and Jerry, the famous cat and mouse who are always plotting against each other, are an unlockable character combination in the new fighting game, MultiVersus. Unlike other fighting games like Nintendo Super Smash Bros. or marvel avengersAnd the MultiVersus Free to play. However, there will be microtransactions where players can purchase premium in-game currency and other possible customizations and characters in the future.

Tom and Jerry are not available from the beginning, but players can unlock them in three ways: spend 3000 gold, use 700 MultiVersus Glimium, or one-person ticket. Gold can be earned by playing the game, completing missions and completing challenges. Gleamium is a premium currency that can currently only be purchased for real money. Character tickets are awarded in Founder’s Packs, which are add-ons that players can purchase through relevant online stores to supplement the game.

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It is better to use Tom and Jerry as a long range fighting team. They have attacks that fire from a distance, so they are not meant to be tanks like Wonder Woman or melee fighters like Taz. Players compete in 2v2 matches or online PvP matches with multiple teammates or MultiVersusLocal multiplayer may want to consider upgrading Tom and Jerry.

Tom and Jerry’s best strategies and moves for MultiVersus

MultiVersus Character Guide ranged Tom + Jerry

As a diverse fighting team in MultiVersus, Tom and Jerry’s best moves and strategies include staying behind and making good use of cool-down periods to impose a constant barrage of projectiles on opponents. In combination with a powerful tank or a Melee / DPS striker, they will be a powerful character group. Their best moves are:

  • sniper slingshot, Neutral + Special – Tom shoots a slingshot across the stage, but Jerry is his ammo. Jerry gets attacked this way, but she deals decent damage. If Jerry is not otherwise available, Jerry will instead fire the cork. Once Tom shoots Jerry, he can shoot again to shoot a tennis ball, which Jerry will send to Tom. If Tom uses his normal attack, a tennis racket, he can throw a powerful range tennis ball at opponents. This is basically everything in their onscreen relationship.
  • Goin’ Fishin, Side + Special – Tom will cast the fishing line. If it hits the enemy, it will deal damage when the streak is brought back inside. And if he misses, he will remain on the ground until the players roll him.
  • missile missile, Up + Special – Will attach Tom Jerry to a small missile that will shoot into the air and back down. Players have little control over its descent. If Jerry is not available, Tom will control the missile with the joystick, point at Jerry and explode.
  • catch the trap, down + special on the floor – it’s the classic mouse trap! Placing this trap can deal damage if enemies walk over it, but players can also hit the enemies inside. If an ally catches Jerry, he can put cheese into the trap, which will do more damage MultiVersus.
  • Pay attention below, Down + Special in the air – If Tom is airborne, doing the same movement will make him drop sticks of dynamite. It will bounce and explode, dealing AoE damage to nearby enemies.

Tom and Jerry also have special perks, which are special abilities. Players can have four active perks simultaneously. There are two types of privileges: signature privileges, which are MultiVersus Character-specific, and general perks that any character can use. Each character has two distinct perks that unlock at levels 8 and 10. Tom and Jerry perks are Dynamite Split, which will reverse Tom’s dynamite to three when hit with a tennis racket, and Fly Fisher, which makes Tom’s fishing pole weaker, but will do so. Act as a grappling hook to help Tom dodge attacks.

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MultiVersus It will be released on July 26 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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