Top 10 Best Minecraft Mods for SMP (2022)

Minecraft players can have fun playing Minecraft Survival mode. However, something better than playing alone is playing with other players. SMP, or Survival Multiplayer, is a great way for players to pass the time and create some really amazing builds. However, mods can help players upgrade their servers by adding some special options to the survival world.

Players can use in-game mods for just about anything they can think of. Mods can add special rules and textures to the game. With modifications, entire worlds can be modified. As a result, the right tweaks can enhance the way Survival Mode as a whole feels. This article lists the 10 best Minecraft mods that players can download for SMP in 2022.

Top 10 Best Minecraft Mods for SMP (2022)

The best way to get mods for Minecraft is to go to a reputable website like Planet Minecraft or Curse Forge. On these sites, players can download mods without fear of malware or viruses. However, players should always check their files just to be safe. Once installed, players can upload their mods and start their new journey. With that said, here are the 10 best Minecraft mods for SMP that players must try in 2022.

10) Bibliocraft

When playing in the world of Minecraft in Survival Mode, players will definitely need plenty of space to store their hard-earned items. Unlike creative mode, players have limited space for their items in survival mode and mods like Bibliocraft can help players store more. This mode adds a lot of items that can store things like desks, shelves, and other furniture.

9) chisel

For maximum customization, players must download Chisel Mod. This mode allows players to customize survival worlds according to their imagination. Several decorative blocks are included in the mod, and players can also modify their existing blocks and customize their appearance. This mode is perfect for those who want their builds to look just right.

8) Rope bridge

Survival mode fans may sometimes want to make the gameplay more adventurous. With Rope Bridge, Minecraft players will have access to a special hook tool that can be fired to create specialized rope bridges at will. This mode allows players to add a special touch to their world and make it feel like a real survival experience.

7) This is what you are looking for

Here’s what you’re looking for, commonly referred to as HWYLA, which is a great mod for gamers to gain information on just about anything they’re looking for. This mode allows players to see the progress of their oven at a glance, see what’s in the chest, and much more. This mode is perfect for survival worlds, where players have plenty of items and crafting to sort out.

6) Iron boxes

Storage space will always be a hot commodity in survival mode. Therefore, any tweaks that can help improve it is always a welcome addition. This mode gives players access to specialized iron chests, which come with 108 storage slots. These are perfect for players to organize all their hard-earned materials after a long day in the mines.

5) Biomes O’ Plenty

Biomes make the world of Minecraft feel alive. With more biomes to explore, players feel more immersed in their worlds. This mode gives players access to more than 70 new biomes filled with new creatures, plants, and blocks. For those who are tired of the same old biomes, this is one of the best mods to fulfill your desire to explore in Minecraft.

4) LotsOMobs

Much like the previous mode, for players who are tired of the virtual aspects, this mod adds a lot of content to the game. Instead of biomes, this mod adds countless new animals ranging from tiny animals to large marine creatures like whales. There is a lot to explore in the wilderness with this mode, and players will surely want to explore it with their friends in their own SMP worlds.

3) Extension Caves

For players who like to spend some time underground exploring all the caves, this mode can spice things up a bit. By adding new organisms such as rock formations and fungi, this mod transforms the caves from the normal caves that the player is accustomed to. Players will be in awe of the brand new formations as they explore underground. This mode can add hours of fun to any Survival world in Minecraft.

2) dynamic lights

When players are deep in caves in Minecraft, it can get very dark, especially with the arrival of the all-new Deep Dark biome in 1.19 The Wild Update. Players who have this mode installed will be able to see more easily as the lighting has been revamped to allow it to diffuse more realistically, which will help players find their way in the dark.

1) Trip Map

With the worlds of Minecraft being so huge, it’s easy for players to get lost, especially since players can’t fly in Survival mode. The Journey map modification seeks to change that and gives players a dynamic map that can be added to a mini-map so players always know where they are. As players explore the world, a map is created, ensuring that players always return to their home base.

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