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While 2022 has seen some excellent album releases so far, there’s also been some strong singles popping up in the last couple months. It’s always hard narrowing down a list to the cream of the crop when it’s been such a great year for music. Interesting, here’s the top five songs of 2022 so far.

5. Burial & Four Tet – “Nova / Moth”

Burial and Four Tet — maybe the most eminent names out of the United Kingdom still innovating the future house genre — collaborated on this single disc comprising the two tracks “Nova” and “Moth.” Burial released a record titled Antidawn earlier this year which disappointed listeners for not living up to the haunting dubstep masterpieces found on his earlier records and EPs. This single is a sort of return to basics for Burial, though it’s not as vibrant and cold. There’s also a little more of a microhouse influence thanks to Four Tet’s input which adds a pleasant atmosphere.

Both sides of this single are a treat and should be welcomed into the playlist of any fan of electronic and dance music.

4. Big Thief – “Simulation Swarm”

Big Thief released their latest record to massive acclaim early this year. Since then, the record’s standout single, “Simulation Swarm” has been performed on Stephen Colbert’s Late Show. It’s undoubtedly the standout single off the record with light yet tight percussion mixed with gentle, spatial strings and Modest Mouse-esque bridges featuring dirty guitar work and joyous off-tune plucking.

Undeniably, this is one of the most creative indie songs to come out this year so far.

3. Denzel Curry – “Zaitochi (ft. slowthai)”

“Zaitochi” is bound to throw off longtime fans of Curry. The Florida rapper who was once known for his unique style that mixed old-school lyricism and trap’s hypo energy is now mellowing out into something like an consistent, airy, conscious sound, no more apparent than on this single. The production on this song sounds like Flying Lotus decided to do drum and bass. Surprisingly it works, not to mention the slowthai contribution on the hook is a nice energetic contrast to Denzel’s verses.

2. Denzel Curry – “Walking”

That’s right, Curry makes it onto this list once again. “Walking” is a more subdued track than “Zaitochi,” both of which hopefully will make it on his album slated to release this year, Melt My Eyez, See Your Future. What is great about this track is its simplicity; a sample of a woman’s vocables repeated over top of a fairly straightforward beat. This leaves the space for Curry’s sharp lyrics to stand out which weigh on fairly heavy topics, from systemic violence to poverty, to his own seeming discontent with his life.

This is Denzel’s most mature work yet, it’s exciting to see what the album will bring given these two singles.

1. Black Country, No Road – “Snow Globes”

Black Country, No Road have stepped up to the plate the last few years as a compendium of nearly everything post-rock/punk in the last three decades as filtered through the eyes of the latest generation. Nervous, self-conscious, painfully sentimental — the band has been working these relatable territories for a while and most resonantly on the stellar “Snow Globes” off their latest record Ants From Up There. This 9-minute track is full of breathtaking drum fills, uplifting violin and former vocalist Isaac Wood’s powerful lyrics that turn a kind of postmodern free association into a painful ballad of hesitation and the trappings of nostalgia in an age where nothing can fade anymore.

“Snow Globes” should be appreciated for what it is: the magic of when a band is at their creative peak.

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