Top talent rose to the top in Salt Lake City in front of a sold out crowd

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Salt Lake City – In front of a crowded house on Friday evening, two California cowboys brought an A-Game to Salt Lake City.

RC Landingham of Hat Creek teamed up with Sankey Rodeo’s atomic blonde for 85 points for a performance win. Landingham had already secured his place on the Gold Medal Tour after taking first place on the recent WCRA leaderboard, but won the performance for which he now has another $1,600 to add to his bank account. Landingham is also eligible for the WCRA Triple Crown after winning the Cowboys in Corpus Christi, Texas, in May. His victory in Salt Lake City would bring him one step closer to a million dollar opportunity.

2021 Utah Days of ’47 Rodeo gold medalist Clayton Bigelow finished second in the performance with an 83 aboard a Cat Nap plug in the Pro Rodeo Championships. Since Landingham had already secured a spot in the last round, Biglow of Clements, California, would also go ahead with a chance to defend his gold medal.

The Gold Standard Rodeo features a total of 288 competitors, who will receive a share of $562,500 in prize money and a gold, silver or bronze medal to be awarded on Monday, July 25. There will be 32 competitors in each of the following events: bareback riding, steering wrestling, team ropes, saddle riding, tethering, women’s separate tug of war, barrel racing, and bull riding.

The champions showed how it was done in the team as they easily landed at the top of the leaderboard. After the photo arrived from Salinas, Caleb Dragers and Junior Nogueira kept the adrenaline rushing off the clock at 6.96 seconds. They were the last team to go out on Friday night, knocking Corey Kidd and Lynne Mitchell off the lead with 9.49sec. The Driggers and Nogueira will be looking for gold on Monday.

The Driggers had a busy night, too, in the wake of Beau Herbert. They finished in a time of 10.16 seconds to tie for third place in the round.

The entire field of 32 contestants is divided into four groups of eight each and competes in one of the first four shows (July 20-23). The highest one (1) score/fastest time from each discipline in each performance will advance to the Gold Medal Round along with the three (3) highest score/fastest times overall, from all combined semifinalists who have not yet progressed. In addition, the #1 ranked player in each discipline (for the team is the highest rank after pairing) from the final-checked WCRA Days Ranking from the ’47 Rodeo Leaderboard, will automatically qualify for the Gold Medal Round making a total of eight (8) contestants in each Specialize to compete in the Gold Medal Tour. Scores/times will not carry over from the semi-finalists to the Gold Medal Round (only to sever ties). The eight competitors in each event will compete in the Gold Medal Round in the form of sudden death where the winner will receive a gold medal and $25,000 in cash.

Mason Couch took first place in steering wrestling during the third performance with a time of 4.76 seconds. The Couch of Cassville, MO, will now move in with the chance to claim his first gold medal on Monday night.

Saddle rider Logan Cook came out on top with his run of 81.5 points on the Championship Pro Rodeo secret agent. The Cook of Alto, Texas, beat Jake Clark to take the win Friday night in Salt Lake City. Clark of Crane, Oregon, teamed up with Utah-based Bar T Rodeo Painted Rose for 81 points. Hinkle’s Kody Rinehart, MS finished fourth that night, but after taking first on the WCRA Days of ’47 Leaderboard, he had already earned his ticket to the Gold Medal Tour. He posted 78.5 aboard Sankey Rodeo’s Marquee but will look to improve on that on Monday.

Presented by Zions Bank, the Utah Days of ’47 Rodeo takes place on the more modern $17.5 million Days of the ’47 Arena at Utah State Fairpark, designed and built specifically for the Rodeo. The Venue – an outdoor plaza located in the heart of Salt Lake City – features more than 10,000 stadium-style seats.

The Utah days of the ’47 Rodeo Rodeo are unique and the Friday night crowd was treated to another unique show of talent in the tie rober. The vast majority of tethered ropes are right-handed but not Jackson Clegg because he is left-handed. The 20-year-old from Quetta is, well, looking forward to being Utah’s first for the 47th gold medalist and is a left-handed player. He stopped the clock in 8.81 seconds to win the third performance. We’ll see what he can do on Monday night.

Brady Judd saved best for last in a breakaway tug of war on Night 3 in Salt Lake City. Good stopped the clock in a fast time of 3.11 seconds past Ari-Anna Flynn who was the first Roper of the night. Flynn finished second in 3.51 seconds.

Flynn of Charleston, AR, competed in back-to-back events tonight, finishing fourth in the barrel race with a time of 17.599 seconds. Halen Lyde of China Springs, Texas, won the tour in a time of 17.199. Lead, who won the WCRA Rodeo title in Corpus Christi, Texas, last May, is looking for another WCRA win and a gold medal on Monday.

Once again, the best was saved for last in riding a bull. With no further qualifying rounds heading for the final bull rider, Cole Fisher rose to the occasion and achieved an 87-point run on Bar T Rodeo’s exit strategy. Fisher will return from Jefferson City, Missouri, on Monday hoping for another 8-second round and a score that will earn him his first gold.

For only the seventh time in rodeo history, riders will have the opportunity to compete for gold, silver or bronze medals. The first two times were in conjunction with the Winter Olympics in Calgary (1988) and Salt Lake City (2002), when rodeo was part of the Cultural Olympiad and the other four times were the days of the ’47 Rodeo Games and the 2017-2021 Rodeo Games. 2022 marks a name change The official event to Utah Days for the ’47 Rodeo. This will be the third time this event has been added to the list in 2019. The medals to be awarded at the Utah Days ’47 Rodeo will be produced by OC Tanner, the same company that made the Olympic medals for the 2002 Winter Olympics champions.

Tickets are still available for Monday only at For more information about visiting the event

For those unable to attend in person, Utah events from the ’47 Rodeo are broadcast live on PBR RidePass on PlutoTV every night at 7:30 p.m. MT. CBS will broadcast the Utah Days Gold Medal Tour of the 47th Rodeo on July 31 at 11 a.m. GMT.

Work continues on Utah Year ’47 Rodeo July 23 at 7:30 p.m. MT.

Results: – Performance 3 – 22 July 2022

Bareback riding: 1. RC Landingham, Hat Creek, CA, 85 pts on the Sankey Rodeo Atomic Blonde, $1,600; 2. Clayton Bigelow, Clements, Calif., $83 Rodeo Cat Knapp, $1,200; 3. Anthony Thomas, Houston, Texas, 82 on C5 Rodeo’s Tombstone; 4. (tie) Ty Blessing, Eudora, KS, on Witchy Woman starring Rodeo, and Evan Bitoni, Tonalia, Arizona, on Sanky Rodeo pickup sticks, 78.5 points, $200 each.

Gold Medal Tour Current Qualifier.: Dean Arthur Thompson, George Gillespie, Clayton Bigelow, RC Landingham

stere wrestling: 1. Mason Couch, Cassville, MO, 4.76 seconds, $1,600; 2. Tori Johnson, Oklahoma City, OK, 5.58, $1,200; 3. Augustus Franzen, Kearney, NE, 8.09, $800; 4. Baxtor Roche, Tremonton, Utah, 10.27, $400.

Gold Medal Tour Current Qualifier.: Riley Duvall, Joe Nelson, Mason Koch, Sam Powers

tug of war team: 1. Kaleb Driggers, Hoboken, GA/Junior Nogueira, Presidente Prudente, Brazil, 6.96 seconds, $1,600; 2. Cory Kidd, Statesville, NC/Lynn Mitchell, Bolivar, TN, 9.49, $1,200; 3. (Tie) Beau Herbert, Frierson, LA/Kaleb Driggers, Hoboken, GA, and Payden Emmett, Stephenville, TX/Lucas Falconer, Mormangee, TX, 10.16, $600 each.

Gold Medal Tour Current Qualifier: Clay Traian / Jade Corkill, Andrew Ward / Buddy Hawkins, Caleb Dragers / Junior Nogueira

Bronze saddle riding: 1. Logan Cook, Alto, TX, 81.5 points on Championship Pro Rodeo Secret Agent, $1,600; 2. Jake Clark, Crane, OR, 81 on Bar T Rodeo’s Painted Rose, $1,200; 3. Colt Gordon, Comanche, OK, 79 in Championship Pro Rodeo Final Feather, $800; 4. Kody Rinehart, Hinkle, MS, 78.5 on Sankey Rodeo’s Marquee, $400.

Gold Medal Tour Current Qualifier: Chase Brooks, Brandon Lansford, Logan Cook, Cody Rinehart

tension hook: 1. Jackson Clegg, Quetta, OK, 8.81 seconds, $1,600; 2. Rush Hodges, Coweta, OK, 9.08, $1,200; 3. Kincade Henry, Mt. Pleasant, TX, 10.01, $800; No other times are eligible

Gold Medal Tour Current Qualifier.: Ice Sloan, Trenton Smith, Jackson Clegg, Riley Webb

breakaway tension: 1. Brady Judd, Abilene, Texas, 3.11 seconds, $1,600; 2. Ari Anna Flynn, Charleston, AR, 3.51 seconds, $1,200; 3. Bailey Bates, Tohatchi, NM 5.42, $800; 4. Tiffany Chic, Floresville, Texas 7.42, $400.

Gold Medal Tour Current Qualifier.: Jackie Crawford, Haley Williams, Brady Judd, Josie Conner

barrel racing1. Hallen Lyde, China Springs, Texas, 17.199 seconds, $1,600; 2. Stephanie Friar, Waco, TX 17,360, $1,200; 3. Taylor Johnson, Wichita Falls, TX, 17,540, $800; 4. Ari Anna Flynn, Charleston, Arkansas, 17.599, $400.

Gold Medal Tour Current Qualifier.: Tiffany Saunier, Stevie Hellman, Halen Lyde, Jana Guthrie

riding a bull: 1. Cole Fisher, Jefferson City, Mo., 87 points on the Bar T Rodeo exit strategy, $1,600; There are no other qualifying rounds.

Gold Medal Tour Current Qualifier: Declan Garland, Dalton Rodman, Cole Fisher, Rafael Jose de Preto Vinegar

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