Tour de France: Jonas Winggaard, from the fish market to the yellow jersey

Jonas Wingard on Sunday became the first Dane to win the Tour de France since Bjarne Reiss in 1996. Shy and long worn, it was at the fish market in Port Hanstollum that shaped his character, the sexy sole and the cod at dawn before leaving for training.

A child’s face, shy and long-haired, forger Jonas Wingard, who is supposed to become, on Sunday 25 July, at the end of the 21st and final stage, the first Dane to win the Tour de France since Bergen Reiss in 1996. The character was working at the fish market, honing his skills Climbing while on vacation in France.

Denmark’s highest point, Yading Skovjöj, is at 173 metres. That didn’t stop the country from breeding one of the best climbers on the planet with Jonas Winggaard, who took advantage of the Alps to outpace the competition in the Pyrenees with a better Grande Boucal.

In the absence of slopes, the dull and emaciated Dane (1.75m against 60kg) developed his abilities by riding against the winds that always blow in Hellerslev, the village of 370 people in the northwest of the country where he was born. 25 years ago.

‘Still the youngest and weakest of the group’

Initially, he struggled with featherweight, which explains why he is not among the best in the youth categories. He remembers that in football, which he played before the invention of the bicycle, he was “always the smallest and least powerful band”.

As a teenager, once he was beginning to show his ability to ride a bike, his parents, Klaus and Karina Wingard, took him on a motorhome vacation to the French Alps. inspiration.

“We were going there to train for him. At first, I went up with him but by the time I got to the top, he had done five or six rounds! We went up to Glendon, Galibier. Then, as of 2015 we spent all the months of July in Camp site Bourg-Saint-Maurice. We’ve seen a tour pass twice in the Alpe d’Huez,” reports L’Equipe Clos, creator of the salmon farm, still in Alpe d’Huez. Attending with wife to cheer their son July 14.

With Jonas, we are entering a new dimension. At his Tour de France debut in Copenhagen, he was more acclaimed than ever. In the face of so much enthusiasm, he shed a tear. Sensitive, emotional and sensitive.

At the end of each stage, his first instinct was to make a phone call to his partner, Trin Hansen, and their young daughter, Frida, whom they joined Saturday in Rocamadour for a long, tear-filled embrace. “I owe him everything,” he said, “he is my first supporter.”

While his great rival Tadej Pojacar displays a playful personality and lives in Monaco, Jonas Wingard is smart and still lives in his native region.

Behind the sheep, the wolf

“He knows there are more important things than a bike. He’s very family oriented,” says his colleague Vout van Aert. Very modest. After the exchange with Emmanuel Macron on Thursday at Hautacam, Wingguard fired his team, very surprised: “He knows my name!”

“Jonas tends to hide his feelings, we’ve worked together to open up more and it’s not always me who makes the decision,” with Train campaigner, who is nine years his senior, during the tour in Denmark. Believe in the daily BT de France.

The couple met when she was the marketing director for ColoQuick, their first professional team. There, to create this anxious and introverted character, the team owners send a 19-year-old wing keeper to get tough at the fish market in Port Henstholm. By dawn, he was carrying his soles and cod before going to training in the afternoon. it’s hard. But he reveals himself.

“Behind his sheep’s appearance, he’s a wolf,” says Brian Pedersen, owner of ColoQuick.

Jonas Wingard caught Jumbo-Visma’s attention, as he finished second on the Tour in 2021 with a much lower record. I have gained confidence. He’s changed a lot, he’s become a captain,” Voet van Aert insists.

With success inevitably come questions about doping in a country where former riders like Bjarne Reis or Michael Rasmussen have outstripped the league. He promises: “We are absolutely pure. I can guarantee that for everyone, no one takes anything illegal, you have to trust us.”

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