Tourism Awards: Camping, Luxury Camping and Holiday Park Award

8:30 AM July 25 2022

The East England Tourism Awards 2022-2023 are now open for entry. Sponsored by Next Phase Leisure, the Camping, Glamping and Holiday Park of the Year award recognizes camping, luxury camping, holiday parks, locations and villages that provide unforgettable guest experiences and demonstrate excellence in every aspect of the business.

Camping, camping and holiday parks represent a significant amount of ‘family stock’ available in the East of England, while playing an important role in attracting tourists to the region, said Andrew Heard, General Manager at Next Phase Leisure. “In addition, these companies provide employment opportunities directly by hiring internal employees and indirectly through their supply chains,” Andrew explained.

He said there is a lot to gain from entering your business for the East England Tourism award. “Entering provides a great opportunity for self-reflection. It encourages you to look critically at your own work to identify strengths and weaknesses, so even if you don’t end up winning the prize, you’ll have gained some useful insights.”

“It can also provide additional PR opportunities and give you a chance to gain a competitive advantage by having a trusted endorsement and logo.”

Andrew said the entries can stand out by providing tangible evidence of continued strategic investment and performance improvement. “We are particularly interested in knowing what metrics they use to measure guest experience and how this information is processed and interpreted to improve their business.”

Andrew Heard, Next Phase Leisure Director
Credit: Steve Adams

He added that the award winner would be a company that shares best practices across the broader tourism industry, puts East England “at the center of interest for potential visitors”, and demonstrates excellence across the board.

“Excellence drives a high-quality experience, which in turn contributes to increased occupancy, increased visitor numbers, sales, repeat bookings, positive online reviews, and revenue to the broader tourism economy,” said Andrew. “In order to achieve excellence, every gear in the wheel must shine!”

Get to know the sponsor

Next Phase Leisure is a professional consulting services company operating in the holiday park industry. Provides customized services to independently owned vacation parks to help them improve and improve their performance.

After years of first-hand experience developing and operating highly successful vacation parks, Next Phase Leisure can provide tailored, actionable recommendations to vacation park owners and operators to help them take their business to the next level. It specializes in garden design/building, park acquisitions, organic growth, and operational and commercial efficiencies.

It also has exclusive distribution agreements with Sunseeker and Atlas Leisure Homes.

Archant organizes and hosts the annual East of England Tourism Awards to honor and celebrate companies and individuals who contribute to the regional visitor economy. Prizes are open until Sunday, October 2nd. To sign up, please visit

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