Travel points are considered a marital asset

s: My husband worked as a counselor throughout our marriage, and has traveled a lot over the years. He was always allowed to keep all his miles and points. As a result, he is on top with many hotel and airline chains and has more than 1 million AmEx points. I want him to buy me. I think these are marital assets and we have always planned to use all of these benefits when we retire to travel the world together. Now he’ll take the trips we’ve always discussed with another woman.

My lawyer says I can’t force these companies to split points and miles in half because it’s not their policy. This seems unfair. How do I find someone to testify about the actual value of these assets as assets? I want my husband to buy me if they don’t split up. This can’t be the first time someone has tried to argue that these benefits are assets, right?

a: You’re right – these are valuable assets. But finding a qualified expert to put a dollar value on the rewards won’t be easy. I have never used such an expert and know no one. But there are other ways to address equality.

American Express will allow him to open a new account (in which he can add you as a cardholder) and transfer the points to that card. You can structure an agreement so that both of you have to pay your share of using the card on a monthly basis, and you each get half the points. You can even make this so that the account can only be charged for certain types of things like travel, and then you can use the points for upgrades for your trips.

He or she can also agree to use half of the Marriott Points and various miles to book rooms and/or flights for you (and your companions) until you use half of the Points. He will need to share copies of his data to all of his reward programs on a regular basis so that you can ensure that you receive the benefits to which you are entitled. This request is sure to drive him crazy.

So, I also suggest you look for where to go, stay, etc. at today’s prices to use up to half of the accumulated rewards. Then find out how much it will cost you to take these flights without any rewards to stay in the same level of accommodation and fly with upgraded seats. That way, if he doesn’t want to charge you for all the rewards on an ongoing basis, he can now agree to pay you the amount needed to do all those trips. And if the settlement doesn’t materialize, now you’ve done your research and can testify about where to go with your half and the actual cost.

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