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Fun feature for those who live in it Dallas, Texas, From 1981 to 1983 it was a brand new exclusive marvel Caricature. Dallas Time Herald Started including the complete 32-page Marvel comic books, 6 in total and all but one featuring the most famous Marvel character, Spider Man. (Those five comics are something to talk about later.) However, in 1983, Marvel’s most popular comic book was X-Men superheroSo guess who got the sixth Dallas Time Herald Marvel comic?

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Mysterious Caricature: The Uncanny X-Men at the Texas State Fair

Set right after the most famous Kitty Pride ever version, X-Men superhero No. 168, “Professor Xavier is good!” , Characterized by Wolverine Before he travels to Japan for the notorious Wolverine mini series Chris Claremont And Frank Millerthis issue may actually not be allowed to belong to any X-Men Timeline of how strange that is.

However, it begins with a danger room exercise characterized by extreme shyness Ariel (Kitty Pride) watches the X-Men present themselves through combat. Definitely, brain He discovers a new mutant near Dallas, Texas. Professor Xavier Confirm that they must have access to the mutant before Magnetic. However, it was already too late. Magneto, in regular street clothes, goes to the horse barn in Texas State Fair To find the mutant that both parties are looking for, Daniel Wiley.

Magneto learns the background of a young mutant and how he can transform back and forth into a winged centaur. Magneto leaves the young mutant alone all night and plots aboard his secret airship. The next day, the X-Men arrived and began looking for Daniel at the Texas State Fair, marveling at all the things to do there. Wolverine, in particular, notes the statue Big Tex He wonders if he knows where the new mutant is. However, Magneto has taken Daniel to cotton bowl To watch a match, unaware of Professor Xavier, Ariel and the giant There is, too. Magneto slams as the X-Men regroups and follows him to the horse barn, where Daniel transforms into the form of a winged centaur, where Magneto gives Daniel the codename, Knight!

night crawler He attempts to subdue the Eques, while the rest of the X-Men are reminded that they are dealing with the Master of Magnetism as Wolverine and then Colossus are used as weapons against their teammates. Magneto brutally destroys the barn with Colossus’ metallic body, infuriating as Magneto nearly kills the horses that Eques cares about. With Eques against him, Magneto finds himself overpowered and then kicked by the boot of Big Tex, the show’s giant rigid mascot, before falling back. The X-Men invites Eques to train at Xavier’s school, but he rejects them, making him happy to stay with his horses in Texas. Eques invites X-Men to see more of the State Fair in Texas, but none of them can explain how Big Tex moved on their own, as the last panel shows Big Tex winking at the reader.

One of the strangest X-Men comics ever

Done as a promotional comedian, many of the individual parts can be seen as simply an attempt to introduce the X-Men to new readers for nearly 40 years and to do so the way many X-Men stories have been tried by making Kitty Pryde-related it an inexperienced guide for the reader. Being a promotional comic, it works on the ‘status quo’ that would likely be given to an animator Jim Salicrop and scripter David Craft Which didn’t really exist during this era of X-Men superhero. In fact, it has almost exactly the same setting He loves God, and he kills man She has, in terms of team and status quo, and in that story Kitty Pride is also named Ariel. It just fits a little bit after X-Men superhero No. 168; It makes it a bit of a mess of continuity in terms of interpersonal relationships, how Magneto behaves, and development. (Marvel seems to agree because that’s where it’s set He loves God, and he kills man at Uncanny X-Men Omnibus Volume 3to which this problem could have added significantly, although its time was clearly set before He loves God, and he kills man.) Besides issues of continuity, this issue is only ridiculous because Eques is one of the strangest mutants ever, and his love of horses is easily ridiculed. (Jude Terror, amazingly, didn’t write about it.) Plus tone X-Men superhero At the time he was a lot more mature than this comedian could be. Also, does the grand final battle take place in a horse barn? It is almost impossible to take the story seriously.

However, the X-Men is mostly personal in nature, and the matter is a simple and enjoyable read, and it serves as the simplest introduction one can give to the X-Men. Plus, the puzzle and game pages are fun, and Keri Jamil The artwork in the first part of the book shows that he could have really brought some great pencils to the X-Men if he had been in the main book. at Previous issue! #134, Gammill comments in an interview with Cecil Descharonne That the problem was put in a pencil after working on it Dallas Cowboys and Spider-Man, previously published by the Dallas Time Herald. Gammill, who lived in the Dallas area at the time, was also able to visit Fair Park In Dallas, where the Texas State Fair is being held, get references to use in the case.

Gammill added, “I worked through a script, and designed a new centaur-type mutant character. Nothing to design, really. He was just a boy who was a partially winged horse. It was cool to draw the X-Men, which was really exciting at the time.” And it was fun to draw “Big Tex,” the iconic giant cowboy in the show I’ve seen all my life.

Overall, this comic is one of the more obscure X-Men comics and isn’t an expensive read, with read-quality copies being easy to get around $10 and a higher score around $20. It’s a problem that it will probably never be reprinted, even though its cover art before John Romita Sr. , was the subject of a trading card in 1991, which was thus also a year Dallas Time Herald Posting stopped.

1st Covers Series 2 Trading Card
1st Covers Series 2 Trading Card

Previous issue! #134 went on sale April 25, 2022, and can be obtained at your local comic book store or digitally here.

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